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Press Releases

  1. Some Top American Officers Offer To Resign Rather Than Force Homosexuality On Solidiers

    It's what the Joint Chiefs of Staff should have done. Only the head of the Marine Corp stuck to his guns publicly. Now some officers are beginning to leak their letters of protest offering their resignations.

  2. Homosexuals Ride Lame Ducks And Destroy U.S. Military

    Even Senator John McCain, the enlightened moderate, was angry that a Lame Duck mob would dictate policies for those in combat while never having served themselves in combat.

  3. Horrific Broadcast Videos:TSA Agent Assaults 3 year olds-- one screams "Stop Touching Me"

    Is this what our country has come to? News reporters, and parents, resorting to taping their own children being abused and broadcasting it. Will anyone come and rescue them from this, they seem to ask.

  4. PA VERSUS TSA: We will not submit!

    If they teach our children that groping by strangers is a socially acceptable practice, their evil is that much easier.

  5. VICTORY: Porno Scan Machines Off At Dulles Airport Thanksgiving Day

    The porno scan machines were off at Dulles Airport and at many other major airports according to eyewitness reports.

  6. WP Editorial CONDEMNS Education Establishment

    Even the liberals at the Washington Post are disgusted with the so-called politically correct crowd that allows serial homosexual child abuse for 30 years unchecked. The WP says "A FORMER Manassas schoolteacher suspected of decades of sexual abuse of boys and young men is finally being held to account....."

  7. Today is Opt Out Day for Porno Scanners At Airports-- Do your job America and Opt Out Today

    All you have to do is just say no to the homosexual porno scanners -- you bloggers really hate that phrase don't you? Let's say it again: say no to the homosexual porno scanners.

  8. Veterans Day Explosion: One Million Flags Being Delivered to School That banned the American Flag

    We are not stopping until every patriot sends a flag to this school. Every veteran must send a flag. Every American must send a flag to this school It can be on a stamp or on a box or on a card or in large quanties. We must send them American flags until they are buried with American Flags.

  9. Forced Public "Porno Scan" and Groping of Thousands

    The new scan machines at airports are "public disrobings" and if you don't allow a "public disrobing" then you receive an invasive body search with embarassing groping, according to dozens of published and live reports.

  10. Obama Lawyers Defraud Public and Legal Process to "Back" Military Gay Ban at Supreme Court

    This week President Obama sent Solicitor General lawyers to backstab and further betray the American military by fraudelently representing them in a courtsuit in an intentionally incompetent manner.

  11. Happy Halloween! Sex Offenders Required To Spend Halloween In Meeting

    There are sex registries in every state but one jurisidiction is not being passive about local convicted predators today. God Bless them.

  12. Federal Education Gestapo Arrives In Local School Districts

  13. No Gay Gene -- Never Was and Never Will Be

    The American Psychological Association now agrees with Public Advocate and other pro-family groups. There is no proof of a "gay gene". Don't expect the New York Times to report it.

    APA brochures have been updated and the changes are substantial, with even a change in the APA's recommendations for additional information.

  14. Public Advocate Supports Bus Tour - A Bumpy Ride for Iowa Judges

    The "vote no retention" for activist judges bus tour begins Monday October 25. Pro-family activists are expected to show up and cheer the bus tour.

  15. Public Advocate Urges Robe Burning Again -- In Iowa

    Its been 20 years, but Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio is urging that conservatives start burning some robes again, this time in Iowa.

  16. CDC UPDATE 1 in 5 gay, bisexual men in US cities has HIV

    Liberal Blogs Scream "Public Advocate Wrong About Spread of Aids". But now the CDC report says 20 per cent of all homosexuals now carry the HIV virus. Don't expect liberal blogs and news media to explain how that happens. Or discourage its advance.

    Liberals pretend no one can knows how to prevent dangerous illnesses from spreading. Billions for medicine for an illness that can be prevented. Millions to attack those who explain how its spread can be halted.

  17. Paladino Outrages All Pro-Gay Media With Truthful Stand -- Updated

    A New York candidate, Carl Paladino, talks like a normal person and has the entire media communication systems brought to a paralysis unlike anything ever witnessed.

  18. Back-stabbing Liberal Republicans Betray and Destroy U.S. Military

    They betray our values in court, last week, and in Congress. True Conservatives witness the public display of duplicity by so-called "moderate" Republicans . The names will be recorded for history here and elsewhere.

  19. Public Advocate Responds To Hate Attack On Christian Free Speech

    Its a free fire zone on all Christians in America and some in authority over students are getting into the action against faculty members and yes, even young students. Public Advocate is returning fire and going to resist the attempt to control the thoughts of innocent Americans. Will you join us?

  20. Coulter, Norquist and Goproud: On a Fraud And Scam quest

    Public Advocate says "nuts" to turncoats who surrender their souls to the leviathan (big) government principles so that they can gain a new client or retainer.

  21. Surprise! Surprise! But Keep it Quiet Please. Gay Parents Raise Gay Children

    Pro-Homosexual Researchers Conceal Findings:
    Children Raised by Openly Homosexual Parents More Likely to Engage in Homosexuality


    A few hours ago, the Senate fell just short of the votes needed to begin debate on the DISCLOSE Act -- the most disgusting bit of election fixing ever conceived

  23. Serial Homosexual Predator Abused Many Young Boys -- Without Victims Even Knowing

    A four-month Washington Post investigation of former Manassas teacher Kevin Ricks's career as a teacher, tutor, foreign exchange host and camp counselor has revealed a pattern of abuse that goes back to at least 1978 and has left a trail of victims that spans the globe. Public Advocate asks are there more like him?

  24. Liberals Gone Wild: Illinois University Professor Fired for Being Catholic

    A professor describes the current policy of the Catholic Church which is the title of his course. And is fired.

    Liberals are insane and want you to think its normal.

  25. Federal Court Attempts To Outlaw Traditional Marriage

    You would think that liberals out to destroy traditional marriage would get the memo from 70 per cent of the American public that wants to preserve marriage between a man and a woman.

  26. Whistleblower Quits Obama DOJ Over Dropping of Clear Case of Criminal Actions

    But then the Obama White House and the Supreme Court don't care about homosexual attacks on Christians either.

  27. Supreme Ct. Nominee Kagan Hates Military and Catholics Too!

    Kagan attacked the military, was ruled against and continued her attacks on the American Armed Forces to the cheers of the homosexual lobby. She admits she would have done the same to the Catholics and the Catholic Church. And any organized Christian or non-Christian religion that promotes morality.

  28. Federals Stall Gov. Jindall Again: Stop Taiwanese "Whale" Vacuums 21 Million Gallons

    Largest Oil Skimmer in the World makes it the "gamechanger" in the fight but federal agencies will not allow it in the fight.

  29. Senator Al Franken Dead To The World During Kagan Hearing

    He's good enough, he's smart enough, but doggone it - he just can't keep his eyes open for Senate confirmation hearings.

  30. Court Nominee Elena Kagan Pushed Sex Changes At Harvard

    Kagan believes sin is a constitutional right. PA's Eugene Delgaudio says "Kagan Makes Woody Allen blush".

  31. Nancy Pelosi Gags Public Advocate with Disclose Act

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio says "Union officials, environmentalist groups, Obama appointed bureaucrats, tax payer funded propagandists flying in military commandeered jets don't need to disclose any spending to promote the Obama Regime's latest dictates and government takeovers... well I say "Nuts to You Nancy".


    8 to one with only Clarence Thomas voting "no" to gay mob attacks. You would think more Justices would defend petition signers participating peacefully in democratic referendums. Think again.

  33. ABOVE THE LAW: Will Obama listen to anybody?

    Obama is forging ahead with the very policy a federal judge just ruled unconstitutional. And the chief executive is challenging the thousands of Gulf Coast oil industry employees to try and stop him in the appeals court.

  34. Liberal Lowlife Perez Hilton Posts Child Pornography?

    Pondscum Perez Hilton attacked Miss California on national television and seems to hate women, especially normal attractive young women. Now he posts child porn, but he has taken it down.

  35. American News Media Complies With White House Order Not To Call "Gay" Court Nominee Elena Kagan "Gay"

    In April, the White House reacted with fury when Ben Domenech, writing in a blog post for CBS News, declared that Kagan would be the "first openly gay justice" on the U.S. Supreme Court.


    President Barrack Obama and his liberal and homosexual allies operate on the assumption that citizens will not understand their attempts at destroying America through neglect and the all consuming pursuit of ideology. Headline: Obama and his homosexual allies are impeding the oil clean-up.

  37. Supreme Court To Decide Which Christians Can Be Targeted for Gay Rage

    We have come a long way from protecting marriage, and defending the Boy Scouts of America. Now the Supreme Court decides if Christians get to sign petitions or face visits of "gay rage" at home.

  38. Pentagon Eliminates Top Christian Speakers

    Lawmaker Calls for Hearings into Pentagon's 'Politically Correct' Decisions to 'Disinvite' Conservative Christian Leaders

  39. Arizona Gets it Right on Illegal Immigration

    Liberals hate conservative leaders who are critcial of some adult homosexuals seeking sex with children. But liberals really really hate conservative leadership in clamping down on liberal policies destroying America and reversing the current liberal imposed embrace of illegal aliens.

  40. Eugene Delgaudio: Our Supreme Court Pleadings Get Worldwide Support

    Public Advocate has argued in our domestic legal filings that our values are eternal and relevant to all societies. Nice to see many leaders all around the world agree.

  41. US News Media Ignores: Child Rape Victim Kills Assailant. Walks Free. Calling Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity And Levin

    Jon Hazard, alleged child rapist, is dead. He got what Public Advocate calls "immediate victim imposed death penalty". And we need more of it. And we need you to tell others about this brave lady. Now.

  42. Vatican Returns Fire On New York Times

    Maureen Dowd's silly parroting condemned.

  43. Obama Appoints Pro-Gay Business Terminator as EEOC HEAD

    During the Senate recess, President Obama appointed a dangerous new head of his campaign to further destroy free enterprise and devout Christian beliefs with an avalanche of new regulations.

  44. Major Media Ignores: Gay Threats against U.S. Armed Forces, and Petition Signers Beaten by Gays

    There is a clear pattern of intimidation that comes from many homosexual activists which Public Advocate has pointed out here


    Annoying children who simply act like children-- to each other-- could mean fines and jail time in the Barney Frank State.

  46. NYT Attacks Pope & Blames Him for Liberal Crimes

    Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio defends the Pope against the New York Times and the liberal elements in America

  47. ANN COULTER THREATENED, Cancels Speech and files Human Rights Complaint

    Ann Coulter is threatened and jeered at the University of Ottawa and Attorney General KEN CUCCINELLI is called a racist by Virginia Democratic Party leaders but that's just normal discourse as they condemn conservative critics for their mere existence.

  48. Public Advocate: We write letters and more

    Many of you are visiting for the first time or hearing of Public Advocate of the United States for the first time. Welcome to our home.


    Dozens of new revelations are coming out daily and its not just getting worse for Congressman Eric Massa, Speaker Pelosi and the so-called gay lobby. It may bring down President Obama's health care, stall the assault on the military and the Don't Ask Dont Tell policy while proving homosexual militants hypocritical about one of their own-- all at the same time.

  50. AP: Scott Brown Declared Winner in Mass

    Ground Zero of the counter-revolution is Massachusetts. The Associated Press calls it an epic upset.

  51. Haiti In Our Prayers

    Americans text millions of dollars in help and churches pray for Haiti in wake of earthquake.


    Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint on Full Alert

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!

  53. New Jersey Citizens Prepare for Public Advocate Visit

    Calls from supporters of traditional marriage in New Jersey are being answered. The pleas for support from Public Advocate have been coming in since a State Senate Committee vote earlier this week.

    "We will respond with the "Emergency Marriage Preservation Reverse Hotline". Please stand by. This is not a drill. New Jersey citizens please stand by for political and peaceful action." said Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

  54. HAPPY THANKSGIVING and Merry Christmas!

    The president is still bowing to every king, emperor or corrupt dispot. I guess that is quite a contrast to Christians who are still bowing to the real King in Heaven and wishing everyone a festive Merry Christmas.

  55. Today Is Veteran's Day, FBI Contacted About Gay Blog Threats

    They made the ultimate sacrifice, but not on any ordinary battlefield

    The deaths of 13 members of the Fort Hood community last week, remembered yesterday at a memorial service attended by the president, were tragic beyond belief - in the same way the losses of Sept. 11, 2001, were tragic.

  56. SOCIALISM 220 YES- 215 NO

    The House has passed a Socialized Health Plan by a vote of 220 to 215 which now goes to the U.S. Senate on Saturday night 11:20 p.m. EST


    Pigs are flying. Hell has frozen over. Time is standing still. The Washington Post is now calling Virginia's Gov. elect Bob McDonnell, the formerly Christian fundamentalist who hates (all) women including his 4 daughters and his wife, and his entire extremist ticket, as MODERATES who ran as MODERATES.

  58. Video: KILL THIS BILL, November 5th D.C. Tea Party

    The highlights of the most recent D.C. tea party, including Mark Levin firing up Conservative protesters

  59. Maine Defeats Homosexual Marriage 53-47%

    Maine is hardly a conservative red state and that should tell the liberals and the liberal media that America rejects gay marriage. ... and the homosexual forces had many millions of dollars more to spend.


    Voters rejected Obama liberal policies in New Jersey and Virginia and defeated a liberal Republican who was nominated in New York. It was a clean sweep for Conservatives who refuse to accept President Obama's policies, or liberal policies and candidates from either major party.


    The RINO liberal bows out. Conservatives asked the Republican National Committee to endorse Doug Hoffman like they should have done a month ago. RNC Michael Steele has now endorsed Doug Hoffman

  62. Must-Read: Study Details Gay Persecution & Intimidation Against Prop 8 Supporters

    This Will Be The Norm If Obama Signs Thought Control Into Law


    The REAL modern conservative movement has decided to move in one direction. To a New York congressional district where a 3 way race could determine all future political races in America. Pack your sleeping bag and head to the sound of the political conflict as Patrick Buchanan asked prior to his New Hampshire win.

  64. Obama's safe school czar Jennings wrote that straight people tell their kids to kill anyone who calls you a name, and that is not aberrant behavior.

  65. President's Rash Dash For Gay Cash

    A mob of Christian Woman Haters wave dollar bills and hail their heros Frank and Jennings and President Obama offers to "pack" the U.S. military?


    Obama is more wacky then Al Gore

  67. 4TH NEW VIDEO Obama's ACORN Funds Child Prostitutes Coast To Coast

    A fourth video with more expected exposes a chilling criminal pattern of coast to coast violations of federal,state and local laws including tax evasion and funding underage child prostitution using federal stimulus millions.


    BREAKING: Photos taken from atop buildings, helicopters and Google Earth from Obama Inauguration compared to similar photos show two million Americans at U.S. Capitol Saturday September 12. But most in the major U.S. media say "tens of thousands".

  69. Public Advocate Vs. Obama, Signs Posted, Holds News Conference

    Arlington,Va. residents acted as if they never heard of free speech and were shocked that others could be affected by a President who makes children listen to him.


    Georgia: Christians arrested 7 times for signs declaring homosexuality a sin.

  71. Video: Public Advocate Runs For Kenneth Gladney

    Demands investigation into beating of Conservative activist.

  72. Sotomayor Confirmed

    Justice Takes a Hit

  73. Hate Crime, What Hate Crime?


  74. Homosexual Marriage Threat in California

    Homosexual Activists Plot, California Voters Complacent

  75. Barack Obama's Promise to Homosexuals

    Barack Obama pledges his support for the Radical Homosexual Agenda in an exclusive, private reception for Homosexual Lobbyists at the White House.

  76. Obama's Justice Department To Attack Marriage Law

    Ignore Congress and the law in order to appease the strange lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender lobbies

  77. Millions Read Complete Sarah Palin Statement

    While Millions Read Complete Sarah Palin Facebook Statement, News media blacklists it.

  78. President Obama: Homosexuals Are Selling You Out

    Is White House And Washington Post Complicit In Barbaric Depravity?

  79. Gov. Sanford: Deadbeat Husband and Dad, Corrupt Official

    Public Officials who are absolute in their public corruption should be punished more severely than private individuals who operate in a disreputable manner.

  80. Prejean On Dobson Program: God Reigns Over Satan

    A humble representative who has received undeserved hatred, scorn and mocking by the agnostic elite but a warm embrace by America's moral leaders. 

  81. Video: Trump Stands Up For Miss California

    Donald Trump, business magnate, socialite, television personality, and popular author, has stood up for Carrie Prejean and her right to speak her opinions freely, and has let her keep her crown as Miss California. 


    Up until now only Donald Trump decided what is good for Donald Trump. That's what makes his branding relevant and unique and profitable. Is it only a formality for the powerful homosexual lobby to make him their willing stooge?


    We told you so! America is behind Carrie Prejean

  84. House Judiciary Committee Protects Child Predators

    It may become a federal crime to promote moral values soon

  85. Perez Hilton -- Lowlife on Parade

    Yes, Perez, you make Public Advocate's mission of opposing homosexual rights bullies easy.


    Here is a liberal who flew the liberal flag for a liberal candidate who lost on liberal policies telling America how liberalism is a winning issue for conservatives. This is so he can continue to collect retainers, from conservatives, telling conservatives to "shut up".

  87. Breaking--- Obama Bows Down To Saudi King

    There is nothing like a revolting and disgusting gesture, the likes of which will stand as the single most disturbing act in the history of Presidential errors, to anger a nation.

  88. AP Wire: Gay Activists in Mass. Sue US for "Federal Benefits"

    Public Advocate pushed the defense of marriage act, obtained regulatory rulings against homosexuals who were threatening to file joint returns and now will defend the Defense of Marriage Act against this new assault


    See some of the hundreds of thousands of supporters of the new president cry out for Obama to support traditional marriage and the Federal Marriage Amendment.

  90. Limbaugh Responds To Obama "GET RUSH" Order

    The Obama-Limbaugh Bipartisan Stimulus Plan of 2009 is the studied response from the peaceful unarmed loan private citizen holding a radio microphone in one hand.

  91. Obama Executive Order: DESTROY RUSH LIMBAUGH

    Presidential Order #1: White House becomes Gay House. Presidential Order #2: eliminate destroy shred public opposition personality and world leader Rush Limbaugh

  92. Obama turns WH site into Gay Clearinghouse

    ON THE WEB: Obama turns White House Website into Homosexual Rights On-Line Clearinghouse



  94. Pro-Family Majority Rally at Inauguration

    Public Advocate rallied thousands and conducted video tape interviews of 657 citizens from 27 states in Washington, D.C. today, Inauguration Day.

  95. Supporters of Marriage Rally At Inauguration

    Public Advocate of the U.S. will hand out 100,000 political buttons at the Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday, January 20 from 10 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

  96. Happy New Year!

    Public Advocate welcomes the new year. Our group has been approved for 2 locations to distribute materials for the upcoming Presidential inauguration. Details to be announced.


    An official American holy day without reservation to celebrate the birth of Christ. Just like traditional marriage there is no way to change the name or meaning of Christmas to Americans and America.

  98. Testimony: Weyrich Worked Wonders

    Paul Weyrich helped presidential candidates, large and small groups of conservatives in Washington and in every part of the country his entire life.

  99. Accelerant poured around Palin's Church

    Authorities on the scene have found several locations around the occupied Church with "fuel" for the fire


    Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the United States, urged law enforcement officials to thoroughly investigate the Friday night arson of the Wasilla Bible Church.

  101. Chief: Gov. Palin's home church damaged by arson

    Federal authorities better react pronto on this arson attack on American soil against a national figure. Quick response absolutely required by law enforcement.

  102. Schwarzenegger Trashes Constitution

    Republican attacks majority of citizens and rule of law in California. Nation is threatened by an egocentric governor.

  103. Obama And Clinton Not Eligible?

    It looks like double Constitutional Trouble For Barack and Hillary

  104. Newt Gingrich Condemns Pattern of Anti-Christian Violence

    Newt Gingrich is warning that violent tactics of angry homosexuals threaten Christians And all Citizens

  105. Public Advocate to Obama: Listen to your supporters

    African Americans voted overwhelmingly for Obama and for traditional marriage. Public Advocate urges Obama to listen to his top supporters on the issue.

  106. McCain and Obama targeted by Public Advocate to change positions on Marriage Amendment

    Public Advocate will survey 100,000 citizens in battleground states on traditional marriage, and will urge both candidates to support of Federal Marriage Amendment.

  107. Delgaudio Teams Up With Congress to Punish Speaker Pelosi

    Public Advocate leads staff and volunteers to the House floor to help House Republicans protest Pelosi refusal to deal with America's energy problem.

  108. Boston Tea Party 2008

    Report to Room 307 U.S. Capitol Building while you can.

  109. Call to Action Issued by Conservative House Group

    Conservative activists are needed at Capitol Hill this week (the week of August 4, 2008).

  110. Return of the Barney Frank House-sitting Squad

    Ultra-liberal congressman, Barney Frank, exploits the Sub-prime crisis in order to propose the largest government takeover since FDR.

  111. Public Advocate Storms Capitol Hill With Petitions

    Last week, 100,000 signed petitions were delivered to many targeted U.S. Senate offices opposing so-called "gay rights".

  112. Merry Christmas!

    Season's Greetings to people of faith of all religions also. Attacks on traditional values and the right to worship Godly values continues at a fast pace in today's America.

  113. Public Advocate Beats Kennedy Again

    Congress drops the Kennedy Thought Control bill from consideration.

  114. Senate Aide Arrested in Sex Sting

    Was Former Kerry Aide and Gay Lobby Staffer.

  115. Gays assault ex-gays at county fair

    Homosexuals harass ex-gay organization at Arlington County Fair.

  116. Moses And Teletubbies Under Arrest

    Thought Control Police will be patrolling Senate Office buildings in Washington DC to make sure no politically incorrect statements are spoken by Christians, Moses, or even the Teletubbies.

  117. Public Advocate Highlights Largest-Ever CPAC

    Nearly half or 2500 visit Public Advocate's table to sign their opposition to socialized medicine, "Hillary Clinton Barf Bags" snapped up.

  118. Senator Brownback stalls pro-gay marriage judicial nominee

    The Kansas senator puts hold on nomination of Federal Court nominee, Janet Neff, who presided over lesbian marriage ceremony.

  119. Candidates Respond to Public Advocate Survey

    Congressional candidates submitted their answers to our "2006 Protect the American Family Candidate Survey".

  120. Republican Gays are Closeted Dems

    (Guest Editorial By Cliff Kincaid of Acuracy in Media) The complex nature of the "dirty trick" against the Republicans over the Mark Foley scandal is beginning to emerge.

  121. "Former" Gay ABC Editor Worked to Out Foley for Ten Years?

    An ABC News Story posted and now removed, revealed one of many so-called openly gay senior editors working to drive former Congressman Mark Foley from office for not voting "pro-gay" starting "ten years" ago.

  122. Public Advocate Wants Criminal Investigation of Foley

    Public Advocate of the U.S. President Eugene Delgaudio expressed an expectation for a full criminal investigation of former Republican Congressman Mark Foley and applauded an announcement that they would begin to look into allegations against Foley.

  123. Delgaudio to UVA Paper: Rescind Anti-Christian Policy Now!

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio announced today that the pro-family group was demanding that The Cavalier Daily, the student run newspaper at the University of Virginia rescind its anti-Christian policy regarding controversial cartoons. Should the paper fail to cease its anti-Christian bigotry, Public Advocate will be initiate a grassroots campaign aimed at cutting off the paper's public and private funding.

  124. Public Advocate Kicks-Off Family Rights Advertising Campaign

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio announced today that the group was initiating an advertising campaign aimed at preventing the Canadian government's discrimination against pro-family citizens from migrating to America.

  125. Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio released the following statement today chastising Wal-Mart for its recent decision to ally itself with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

  126. Delgaudio Statement on Mount Soledad Cross

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio issued the following statement thanking Congress and President Bush for taking action to protect the Mount Soledad cross in San Diego, CA by transferring the cross to federal control.

  127. UN Cmte to US: Enact the Agenda of the Radical Gay Lobby!

    The United Nation Human Rights Committee has rebuked the United States for not bowing to the pressure of the radical homosexual lobby. The committee is demanding that the United States enact Ted Kennedy sponsored legislation like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would force employers to hire homosexuals or shut their doors, and the Thought Control (or so-called "hate crimes") Bill, which seeks to punish thoughts rather than actions.


    A leader of Canada's radical homosexual lobby has brought a lawsuit in Alberta attempting to silence a pro-family radio talk show host and a pastor. Dr. Darren Lund is accusing host Craig Chandler and Rev. Stephen Boisson of "hate speech" for publishing a letter on a website that opposes the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby.

  129. Another Victory For Marriage!

    The Washington Supreme Court narrowly rejected judicial activism and instead upheld traditional marriage by ruling that same-sex couples do not have the right to marry. The 5-4 decision dealt a heavy blow to the radical homosexual lobby's efforts to force gay marriage on the citizens of Washington.

  130. Public Advocate Remembers the 37th Anniversary of Chappaquiddick

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio issued the following statement in remembrence of Mary Jo Kopechne, who was killed by Senator Kennedy in a car on July 18, 1969.

  131. NEWS FLASH: Justice Kennedy Gets It Right!

    Justice Anthony Kennedy, normally an opponent of the American family and a judicial activist on the Supreme Court, shocked the Nation by getting it right for a change! Justice Kennedy issued a stay, which effectively suspended a ruling from a Federal Judge that ordered San Diego, CA officials to remove a cross on Mount Soledad.

  132. Barney Frank Altered Immigration Law to Further 'Gay' Agenda

    A Republican candidate for the Massachusetts congressional seat currently held by Democrat Barney Frank is reigniting debate over whether changes to U.S. immigration laws Frank sponsored made it easier for the 9/11 hijackers to enter and remain in the United States.

  133. Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio released the following statement today calling for the resignation of Maryland Governor Ehrlich.

  134. Kennedy Pleads Guilty to DUI; Public Advocate Calls for Ethics Probe

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio released the following statement upon learning of Rep. Patrick Kennedy's guilty plea to driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

  135. Delgaudio Statement on Marriage Vote

    The following statement was issued by Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio upon the defeat of the Traditional Marriage Amendment in the Senate.

  136. Delgaudio Statement on Marriage Vote

    The following statement was issued by Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio upon the defeat of the Traditional Marriage Amendment in the Senate.

  137. "Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint" Big Success

    Public Advocate of the United States, a Virginia based pro-family group, is continuing their "Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint" which has been a success. Checkpoints on Capitol Hill in Washington to protect citizens against Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy (D-Ma.) or Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) consistently resulted in no impaired drivers named Congressman or Senator Kennedy being stopped.

  138. Delgaudio to Deliver Petitions and Announce Grassroots Campaign Supporting Traditional Marriage on Wednesday

    Washington, DC � Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate of the U.S., will hold a press conference on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 11:15 AM supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment.

  139. Mayor Anthony Williams was amply successful in showing his hypocrisy this week as he threatened to remove Bishop Owens of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church from the Interfaith Council because of politically incorrect remarks made by Owens at a church service on Palm Sunday.

  140. Public Advocate Thankful that Kennedy Plane Lightning Strike was Injury Free

    Although it must have been an extremely frightening experience for those involved, Public Advocate members thank God that neither Senator Kennedy, his family, staff or pilots were injured when a bolt of lightning struck the Senator's airplane.

  141. California Senate Adopts Bill Demanding Homosexual Agenda Be Taught in Schools

    In yet another attempt to force the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby on our children, the California State Senate has adopted S. 1437 which demands the homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual lifestyles be glorified in public school textbooks.

  142. Delgaudio Praises Frist and Sensenbrenner for Protecting Kids

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio applauded Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Congressman James Sensenbrenner, both of whom were instrumental in the adoption for the Child Predator's Act. Liberal Senators Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid were threatening to block the legislation unless it included thought control (so-called "Hate Crimes") legislation.

  143. The Terrifying Story of Dawn C. Stefanowicz

    For years, the left-wing main stream media has perpetuated the myth that children of homosexual parents grow up in safe and healthy households. They would have us believe that someone's sexual preference has no influence on what kind of role-model they will be for their children. But the testemony of people like Dawn C. Stefanowicz tell a different story.

  144. Delgaudio Statement Welcoming new Chief of Staff Bolton

    "Public Advocate is excited to welcome Mr. Bolton as the new White House Chief of Staff. As a reputed conservative, we are optimistic that Mr. Bolton will be instrumental in redirecting the administration's focus back to issues that are essential for the American family...

  145. Delgaudio Statement Welcoming new Chief of Staff Bolton

    "Public Advocate is excited to welcome Mr. Bolton as the new White House Chief of Staff. As a reputed conservative, we are optimistic that Mr. Bolton will be instrumental in redirecting the administration's focus back to issues that are essential for the American family...

  146. Liberal 9th Circuit to Rule on Gay Marriage

    The same court that ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional is hearing the case of a radical homosexual couple in California. The gay activists are alleging that they have a constitutional right to homosexual marriage under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

  147. FLASHBACK - IRS to Public Advocate: No Filing 'Married' For Same Sex Couples

    Two-years ago, based upon a letter from Public Advocate, the IRS confirmed that it is unlawful for same-sex couples to file their taxes under any married status, even if the jurisdiction in which the couple lives, erroneously recognizes such a union. As Tax Day again approaches, all Americans should remember proudly that the tax benefits for married couples apply only to traditional unions between a man and a woman.

  148. Republicans in Congress Must Remember Base

    Although the mid-term elections are still more than six months out, Republicans in the House and Senate sense the danger in the air. By failing to distinguish themselves from liberals on continued outrageous spending of taxpayer money they have both forsaken their base and often fallen into the trappings of corruption that come with reckless spending habits.

  149. There is little doubt why box office profits continue to plummet. As Hollywood continues to make movies like "Brokeback Mountain" they show their hostility towards American values, and movie goers have finally had enough.

  150. McCain, Shays, and Meehan Attack Free Speech Yet Again

    In their continuing campaign against the First Amendment, Senator John McCain and Congressmen Chris Shays and Martin Meehan have introduced legislation to limit the rights of grassroots activists to encourage citizens to contact their elected representatives. S. 2128 (McCain), HR 4575 (Shays), and HR 2412 (Meehan) would each so heavily burden grassroots lobbying organizations that only the richest groups would be able to survive.

  151. In a letter to Public Advocate supporters, Senator Mike DeWine tried to defend his support of the Kennedy Thought Control Bill currently pending in Congress that would focus on thoughts rather than actions in the prosecution of crimes.

  152. Supreme Court Rejects Judicial Activism in Solomon Amendment Case

    The Supreme Court just did something rare and unusual, it-unanimously-decided to interpret the law rather thank legislate from the bench. In the landmark case of FAIR v. Rumsfeld the Supreme Court told radical left-wing law schools that they must follow the law and if the decided to accept federal funds, they must be willing to let the U.S. Military recruit on campus. These liberal law school administrations wanted to close their doors to these recruiters because of regulations that do not allow an open homosexual to serve in the military.

  153. Thought Control Looms in Senate

    The U.S. Senate will be a hotbed of contention this year over issues vitally important to the American family. Not only is the upper chamber due to vote on the Family Marriage Amendment, which would permanently define marriage as the union between one man and one woman, but it is also likely to consider the Kennedy Thought Control Bill which would criminalize thoughts rather than actions.

  154. Delgaudio Praises Frist for Scheduling Marriage Vote

    Public Advocate applauds Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist for his recent announcement that he would schedule a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment for June 5th, 2006. The group's President, Eugene Delgaudio, emphasized the importance of this vital amendment while thanking Frist for scheduling the vote.

  155. Delgaudio: Safer with Cheney than Teddy

    "I would feel safer hunting with Vice President Cheney than driving with Teddy Kennedy," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "While we wish Mr. Whittington well, we are once again amused, but not surprised, at the hypocrisy of the media's feeding frenzy against the Vice President while Senators like Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, Richard Durbin, and Robert Byrd are never bothered for their exploits."

  156. Public Advocate is pleased to announce that the following U.S. Senators are the recipients of the organization's John F. Kerry award for their decision to vote for Justice Samuel Alito before voting against him.

  157. Uncle Sam Confirmed!

    "We commend the fifty-eight U.S. Senators who stood up against political correctness and the immense pressure from the radical left and voted for Judge Samuel Alito's successful confirmation to serve as the 110th Justice of the Supreme Court...

  158. Washington Times and New York Times Reports on Public Advocate Alito Rally

    Friday January 27 Print editions of both the New York Times and Washington Times reported on Public Advocate's Alito rally on Capitol Hill on Thursday, January 26.

  159. Public Advocate of The U.S., a Virginia based pro-family group will be on Capitol Hill on Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 11:15 AM supporting Judge Alito's Supreme Court nomination by passing out "Confirm Uncle Sam" promotional materials and singing to passers-by.

  160. Delgaudio Thanks Bush for Alito Nomination

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio met with President Bush on Thursday and personally thanked him for his courageous nomination of Judge Samuel Alito.

  161. Delgaudio responds to outrageous and comical attacks on Judge Alito by the Senator from Chappaquiddick

  162. Delgaudio Statement Announcing "Uncle Sam" Alito Campaign

    "...Alito is an excellent example of what a Supreme Court Justice should be. He is fair, intelligent, and has consistently showed judicial restraint as an appeals court judge."

  163. Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate of the U.S., a national pro-family group based in Northern Virginia, will launch the group's "Confirm 'Uncle Sam' Alito" Grassroots Campaign at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Friday, January 6, 2006 at 10:00 AM.

  164. Public Advocate Praises Allen for Rejecting Thought Control

    Public Advocate of the United States, a Northern Virginia based pro-family group is praising Senator George Allen for rejecting political correctness and embracing freedom of thought by renouncing his previous support for the Kennedy Thought Control Bill (the so-called "Hate Crimes" Bill).

  165. Delgaudio to Senators: Don't Even Think About an Alito Filibuster

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio gave a stern warning to liberal members of the U.S. Senate today regarding the nomination of Samuel Alito.

  166. Public Advocate Urges Americans to Make a Stand for Christmas

    Public Advocate is encouraging all pro-family Americans to help defend Christmas from politically correct forces who continually attack the sacred holiday. The group is encouraging its members to take the battle to save Christmas to the streets and stores across America.

  167. Public Advocate of the United States, a pro-family group based in Northern Virginia announced today that it is launching a grassroots and media campaign to support the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

  168. Texas Families Vote to Protect Marriage

    In another major victory for the American family-one largely overlooked by the national media-Texans voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to protect traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

  169. Constitutionalists Elated By Bush's Pick

    This is a great day for Democracy in America. Samuel Alito is a highly qualified nominee. He is a proven originalist who respects the Constitution and will help restore judicial restraint to the Court.

  170. Delgaudio Statement on Miers' Withdrawal

    "It is essential that the President now appoint a true originalist, in the mold of Scalia and Thomas, to fill the O'Connor vacancy as soon as possible. We hope that this nominee, regardless of race, sex, or ethnicity, has a proven, rock solid record as an originalist so we can get behind him or her just as quickly as we opposed the Miers nomination..."

  171. Kansas Court Overturns Law Protecting Children from Sexual Predators

    In yet another act of judicial activism, the Kansas Supreme Court overturned a state law that allowed prosecutors to vigorously pursue sexual offenders who prey on underage children. The law gave stiff penalties to adults who sexually assaulted underage minors of the same sex.

  172. Miers Continues to Falter

    As reports continue to show that Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court is failing to impress Republican and Democrat Senators alike, Public Advocate continues to call on the President to spare Ms. Miers, his administration, and the Nation the frustration of continuing with this appointment by withdrawing her from consideration and focusing on a more qualified and proven nominee.

  173. Public Advocate Continues to Lead the Way in Challenging Miers

    Over the past week, Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio has continued to build his case on why conservatives cannot blindly trust this nominee on major media outlets like ABC News, The Hotline, and the Boston Globe.

  174. Public Advocate Begins Senate Lobbying Campaign Challenging Miers

    Public Advocate of the United States announced that it is beginning its lobbying campaign challenging the nomination of Harriet Miers in the Senate by sending a list of questions to all of the conservative members of the Judiciary Committee that the group wants asked of Miers.

  175. Public Advocate's Questions That Need Answers For Harriet Miers

    Public Advocate urges the Senate Judiciary Committee to ask Ms. Miers questions that explore her character and her convictions, both as a person and as a lawyer in order to ascertain whether she is emotionally, spiritually and intellectually fit for this job.

  176. Media Advisory: Delgaudio to Hold Capitol Hill Press Conference on Miers Lobbying Efforts

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio will be on Capitol Hill tomorrow, Thursday, October 6, 2005 to announce the group's grassroots lobbying plans regarding the nomination of Harriot Miers. The plan will revolve around getting Conservative Senators, especially members of the Judiciary Committee to ask the nominee the tough questions necessary to ensure that she is a judicial originalist before they commit to support her nomination.

  177. Nomination of Miers is a betrayal of the conservative voters who were promised Supreme Court appointments like Scalia and Thomas.

  178. Rep. Hostettler Introduces Bill to Stop ACLU Money Grab Against Taxpayers

    Bill would finally put a stop to the current practice allowing the ACLU to fund its radical agenda by collecting money hand over fist from local and State governments who they sue for public displays of religion, such as the Ten Commandments.

  179. Thought Control Police Storm Capitol Hill

    The Public Advocate Thought Control Police, a band of conservative street theatre players, performed outside of the Dirksen Senate Office Building mocking the House of Representatives passage of the Kennedy Thought Control Bill (or so-called "Hate Crimes Bill") that would punish thoughts rather than actions.

  180. Statement of Eugene Delgaudio on House Passage of Thought Control

    "In a deplorable act of hitting the pro-family movement twice at once, the House of Representatives passed the Ted Kennedy Thought Control Bill (or so-called "Hate Crimes Bill") while the Nation was focused on the Roberts confirmation hearings," stated Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "What is worse is that they attached this outrageous legislation to the Children's Safety Act. It is nothing short of disgusting that the radical homosexual lobby would stoop to the level of politicizing the important issue of protecting our kids by putting this poison pill in the bill...

  181. Syndicated Columnist Predicts: "Public Advocate Right"

    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, a nationally syndicated journalist of long standing writes in his most recent column that Chief Judge John Roberts will move the court to the left. This proves, again, Public Advocate's opposition to the Robert's nomination is well placed.

  182. Why 'Chief Justice Roberts' is a Mistake for Bush and Conservatives

    Commentary by Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio.

  183. Public Advocate Mourns Rehnquist's Passing

    The Chief Justice was a steadfast supporter of the Constitution, as the founders meant it to be interpreted, who always stood up for law and justice.

  184. Public Advocate Sends Best Wishes and Prayers to Katrina's Victims

    All Americans encouraged to pitch-in and help the thousands of victims by donating to reputable charities like the Salvation Army.

  185. Public Advocate Proud of Street Theatre Activities

    Delgaudio refutes attacks on Conservative Group's Humor-Based Street Theatre

  186. Senate Acts to Protect Boy Scouts!

    Senate votes 98-0 to ensure Scouts will continue to be allowed on federal facilities. The amendment was necessary because of recent decisions from federal agencies and rouge federal judges who are trying to kick the Scouts off of military bases and other federal facilities because of their requirements that members and leaders be morally straight and declare their non-denominational faith in God.

  187. President Picks Conservative for Supreme Court

    Delgaudio praises Bush today for his selection of conservative Roberts to replace liberal O'Connor on the Supreme Court.

  188. Public Advocate Outs Gay-Friendly Republicans

    In a letter to members of Congress, Eugene Delgaudio exposes and excoriates liberal House Republicans who are receiving campaign contributions from the Homosexual lobby.

  189. Delgaudio: O'Connor's Flip-Flopping Would Make John Kerry Jealous

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio releases statement on Supreme court (in)decision on 10 Commandments.

  190. Public Advocate Announces Online Supreme Court Poll

    Participants can choose their preferred candidate to fill a vacancy on the Court. Choices range from jurists such as Luttig and Kazenski to politicians like George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle.

  191. Public Advocate Calls on Congress to Protect Scouts NOW!

    Public Advocate is calling on both houses of Congress to stop ignoring the Boy Scouts and act on legislation that would protect them from radical groups like the ACLU and politically correct federal bureaucrats.

  192. Public Advocate Calls for Criminal Charges Against Kennedy

    Public Advocate seeking criminal charges against Ted Kennedy for his illegal use of the Homestead Exemption on his D.C. residence

  193. Delgaudio: Weasel Jurists Must be Stopped

    Bush and Conservative Senators must stand firm against liberals who will try to force them to appoint more liberal activist jurists.

  194. DC: No Joint Tax Filling for Gay Couples

    A year after a Public Advocate initiated inquiry resulted in the IRS announcing that the so-called "marriages" being entered into by gay-couples in places like San Francisco and Massachusetts would not be legally recognized by the IRS for filling purposes, Washington DC has issued a similar ruling.

  195. Georgia Board of Ed. Considering Proposal to Protect Kids

    The State Board of Education is consider adopting a new rule that would require parental consent for kids to join front-groups for the radical homosexual lobby.

  196. Victory! Judge Grants Parents Request in Montgomery County Sex-Ed Case

    The radical curriculum proselytizing the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby may never make it to the classroom.

  197. Montgomery County at it Again!

    Public Advocate supports parents who are taking on the Montgomery County school district's new sex-ed policy that proselytizes the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby.

  198. Air America Turns Sights from Public Advocate to President

    Left-wing radio network being investigated by Secret Service for audio segment where gun shots were used to "warn" President over social security plan.

  199. Public Advocate Applauds Texas House for Protecting Kids

    Legislation passed by the Texas House of Representatives would ban homosexuals from serving as foster parents. State Senate could wimp out.

  200. Public Advocate Helps Liberals

    Public Advocate has developed a survey that will help liberal Senators identify which judicial nominees to filibuster

  201. Delgaudio Welcomes Benedict XVI

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio sent a letter to the Vatican today congratulating Pope Benedict XVI on his recent election to the papacy and promising to continue cooperating with the Church in preserving traditional values.

  202. Public Advocate Mourns the Loss of John Paul II

    The late pontiff was one of the world's foremost advocates for faith, family and freedom and he never bowed to the forces of political correctness, instead he always stood by his faith and his principles. His success in touching people around the world could easily be seen as millions flooded into Rome during the past week to pay their last respects.

  203. Air America Attacks Against Public Advocate Welcomed but Unfounded

    A Public Advocate fundraising letter posted on a left-wing blog site was read on Air America. The liberal radio network insinuated that the letter was sent to the Terri Schindler Schiavo donor list by Public Advocate--an accusation that is completely false.

  204. Public Advocate Calls on President to Use Executive Power to Save Terri

    Saddened by the federal courts refusal to act to save the life of Terri Schiavo, Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio is calling for drastic action from President Bush today.

  205. Delgaudio Praises Bush and Congress for Acting to Save Terri

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio praised congressional leaders and President Bush today for pushing through emergency legislation that will hopefully help save Terri Schiavo from the painful death of starvation.

  206. Public Advocate Volunteers Help Stop Schumer "Thought Control" Legislation

    Public Advocate volunteers brave snow, wind, and cold to help defeat Schumer legislation that would have stripped pro-life demonstrators of bankruptcy protection, while leaving liberal protestors un-touched.

  207. "Thought Control Police" to Mock Schumer Legislation

    Public Advocate volunteers go to Capitol Hill to mock Schumer amendment to Bankruptcy Reform Bill that would strip pro-life demonstrators' access to bankruptcy protection while ignoring liberal demonstrators.

  208. Senator Specter's recent comments about avoiding attempts to stop judicial filibustering give heartburn to conservatives who were lured into supporting the liberal Pennsylvania Senator's selection as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

  209. CPAC Goes Pink

    Annual conservative conference invites Log Cabin Republicans to speak and accepts money from the group as vendors.

  210. Public Advocate calls on Attorney General to call in Civil Rights Division to fight the anti-Christian discrimination in Philly that could put pro-family demonstrators in jail for 47 years for peacefully exercising their first amendment rights at a gay-pride event.

  211. VA House & Senate Adopt Marriage Amendments

    Details must be worked out in conference, but Virginia voters should get a chance to support marriage in '07

  212. Judge Attacks Marriage in NYC

    Delgaudio speaks out against radical juducal activism; urges adoption of marriage amendments

  213. Virginia Lawmakers Introduce Pro-Marriage Constitutional Amendments

    Public Advocate has analyzed all four amendments and is endorsing HJR 584 introduced by Del. Marshall

  214. Delgaudio: President's Comments on Marriage Amendment Cause Anxiety

    Public Advocate will need to hand out rolaids to pro-family citizens because of anxiety caused by Bush comments on FMA. Delgaudio calls on President Bush to passionately support pro-family proposals.

  215. Delgaudio to 'March for Life' With Thousands of Others

    Public Advocate President to Particpate in March for Life on Monday.

  216. Reps. Joel Hefley & Jo Ann Davis Introduce Separate Pro-Scout Legislation

    Resolution & Bill Would Push Defense Department to Keep Scouts on Military Bases.

  217. Public Advocate Encourages Volunteers to Going Free Republic at Inaugural Parade

    Counter left-wing extremists by showing up in the "American Sector"

  218. 2004: A Year of Victories!

    Public Advocate celebrates the New Year with a look back at the successes of of 2004.

  219. Public Advocate to Sing Christmas Carols to ACLU

    Group asks pro-family Americans in Washington, DC area to join them on Wednesday, Dec 8 at 12:30 PM.

  220. House Roll Call on Marriage Protection Act of 2004

    How did your representative vote on legislation that protects the Defense of Marriage Act from activist federal judges?

  221. Number One Political Street Theater Star Dies

    Public Advocate remembers Jack Clayton, the top volunteer in the history of Public Advocate, someone who devoted his entire life to the conservative movements many causes as they arrived at our door steps week after week, year after year.

  222. Anti-Family Everywhere

    The Radical Agenda of the Post

  223. Supreme Court Should be 'Saddamy Free,' Says Delgaudio

    Statement of Eugene Delgaudio Regarding Today's Lawrence v. Texas Hearing Before the U.S. Supreme Court

  224. Michigan student stood up to politically correct high school administration after her freedom of speech was muzzled

  225. Letter to Senators Proposing "Little Brothers Little Sisters" Protection

    Eugene Delgaudio sends a letter to members of Congress asking that they defend kids in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program from the Radical Homosexual Lobby

  226. PA Announces "Little Brother Little Sister Protection" Proposal

    Public Advocate Calls for legislation that would protect parents and their children from being blindsided by homosexuals targeting kids in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program

  227. Federal Investigation of Montgomery County's Scout Actions Announced

    Investigation initiated by pro-family group's allegation of discrimination against Scouts