Defending the family

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Press Releases

  1. Romney leads Paul in new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll; Santorum surges

    Keep telling yourself: The real Iowa poll is the Iowa caucus.

  2. New Year 2012 End Of Line For Liberals: Tea party looks for strength in numbers in U.S. Senate

    It's not on the nightly news or the typical liberal newspaper but the Tea Party leadership has put the word on the street for the liberal gang: your toast.

  3. Happy New Year! Police brace for more L.A. arson fires on New Year's Eve

    Liberals and one party government run the city. First responders are watching for a serial arsonist or arsonists.

  4. Major Media Blackout: Homosexual Democratic New York Senator Pleads Guilty To Bribes, Sentenced to Jail

    Long-time New York Senator, 62, blubs as he faces 50 years in jail for taking $500,000 bribes with aid of gay lover. Prosecutor says 'Instead of serving the people who elected him, he monetised his public office and served himself.'

  5. Newt takes no-adultery pledge with Iowa Group after Delgaudio's Public Advocate Survey Demands

    Within 2 days of Public Advocate's public challenge it has now been announced by Newt Gingrich his pledge to avoid adultery and to fight for traditional marriage as requested in the Public Advocate survey. Will he fill out the complete survey?

  6. Delgaudio To Gingrich: "You Have Until Dec. 19 To Reverse and Condemn Your Betrayal of Family Values"

    The field of contenders has offered up a number of front-runners for our inspection, and so many of them have proved a disturbing lack of respect for family values.

  7. PA President Eugene Delgaudio Condemns Full Scale Assault on America's Children and now Private Schools by Gay Lobby

    Michael Jackson, Barney Frank and coach Jerry Sandusky get their political world view that interns, "kids" and poor young fans want their attentions. Here we have an example of a political lobby that uses the court system to impose a "victim mentality" on a private school. PA asks how is the attack on an institution different from the attack by individuals?

  8. 93 Senators Approve Bill To Legalize Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

    Women or men who are victimized with these crimes of violence are not going to be able to charge the attacker with "sodomy" -- its wiped off the books.

    And will PETA or the Humane Society Do Anything? Or Will they and other liberal so-called animal rights groups ignore the removal of prohibitions against the abuse of animals.
  9. We Were Right All Along: Perverse Court Allows TSA Male Agent To Grope Women

    Public Advocate warned you that the strange Homosexual lobby would force perverse practices. But even with our warnings, this is still more obscene than predicted.

  10. Senate Rand Paul: Budget Agreement Adds $7 Trillion To Debt

    Senator Rand Paul voted against the raising of the national debt because it offers no long term solution to the increased rate of spending or does nothing to reverse the trend to increase, by trillions, our spending as a nation.

  11. Texas Senate To Send TSA Anti-Groping Bill To Floor Monday; Texas House Speaker Playing Games

    Public Advocate representatives are on the scene and on the phones. There may be a full vote in the Senate. But now the House Speaker is playing little games with the bill's sponsor and saying the bill is "publicity stunt" and is stalling a vote in the House

  12. Bachmann: Constitutional Amendment Corrects Corrupt Legislators Imposing Mandatory Gay Marriage On Innocent Citizens

    There is not a single state where a referendum of the citizens has been won by the homosexual lobby.

  13. 4 RINO Traitors Willfully Betray Families of New York and America-- maybe they are Weiner Wannabees

    Weinger wannabees. That's what they are.

    Senators James Alesi of Rochester, Roy McDonald of Saratoga Springs, Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie and Mark Grisanti of Buffalo -- four "Republicans" in name only (RINOs) voted to impose homosexual marriage on their constituents and all New Yorkers.

  14. President Obama Dances LaBomba With Sodomites As "Rome Burns"

    The President dances with the radical homosexual lobby tonight pushing a bizarre poltical agenda that destroys traditions and sacrifices a generation of children -- all for a few coins in his campaign coffers. While there he will join Governor Cuomo in breaking a few arms to pass an anti-family pro-homosexual marriage law.

  15. Obama: Weiner WILL BOUNCE BACK

    That's enough. One supportive statement after another coming from the Obama White House for an admitted pervert who walks all over his wife, and America's families, on a massive scale.

  16. Expel, Remove Weiner From Congress

    He lied to the media to attack a conservative. That's not a crime. But he lied in such a fashion as to claim crimes being committed by innocent people. Expulsion is his only path.

  17. Happy Memorial Day, Remember our Veterans

    Memorial Day comes as troops fight in Afghanistan

  18. Victory Victory Victory Tennessee Senate Votes 20-11 To Prevent Pervert Propaganda Against Children

    In an historic vote that reverses years of unrestrained propaganda to destroy family values and childrearing for traditional and Godly values, the Tennessee Senate voted for a legislative policy that saves the family rather than attack it.


    This is not a "Don't Say Gay" Bill introduced in Tennessee. It is a Don't Say Perverse Things of Any kind to children in kindergarten through 8th grade to all child perverting deviants. There is nothing wrong with that.

  20. Are Obama Pro-Death Policies Striking At Sick Americans Now?

    Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio asks: is President Obama's Federal Drug Administration "Medicine Death Squads" impacting sick Americans and denying them medicine on a grand scale?

  21. "Hate Crime " or More McDonald's Restaurant Mayhem

    The video is disturbing. But the McDonald's employee who posted the video says it is not a racial incident but an episode of girls violently responding to a cross dressing stalker.

    Police have charged 2 assailants with assault. 500,000 people have seen the video today.

    So when the French, British, and their newspapers, claim to be stronger and braver than the American president, you know its really bad. Or has President Obama gotten Europeans to do something for themselves after 50 years?

  23. "Pro-Family" Maryland Committee Chairman Stabs Family In Back

    The Biggest Treachery in Maryland's Legislative History

  24. Lawless Obama Administration Abandons Defense of Marriage Act Enforcement

    Virginia and Florida courts declare it illegal and 20 states challenge the Obama Health Law but Obama Administration presses on. But now its okay to stop enforcing protection of marriage laws signed by former President Bill Clinton

  25. Verdict In: Erick Erickson of RedState, Michelle Malkin and Mark Levine declare - They have had enough of Goproud

    Redstate: "GOProud is not a conservative organization and its agenda is not a conservative agenda."

  26. Warning To Parents and Young People at CPAC

    CPAC is in progress and every room in the hotel has gotten a flyer delivered and guests in the hotel are being handed a special warning from Public Advocate.

  27. Conservative Heros Jim DeMint, Chris Christie Skipping CPAC 2011

    The roll call of principled leaders grows as more and more conservatives find the local front more important than hanging around with pro-homosexual lobbies in Washington. So what if Newt Gingrich goes to CPAC. He once declared "I am not a Conservative" as CPAC keynote address and David Keene actually yawned. But nobody really listens to CPAC speeches. Right?

  28. "Reverse Earmark" Proposed To Defund Pro-Gay College, 1,200,000 Petitions Oppose Mandatory Gay Rights, Defend Tradition Marriage

    The new Congress will be long remembered for starting the reversal of Obama-care. Maybe it will vote to keep the debt capacity at the current level and not increase it. But now the Reverse Earmark is out, as proposed by Public Advocate.

  29. Victory! Public Advocate Mobilizes Thousands of Phone Calls. Don't Blame Rush Limbaugh. We did it.

    Public Advocate emphatically told our supporters to call John McCain, the FBI and the Governor to take immediate action to protect the criminal investigation ASAP

  30. Republican Party Selects Pro-Life Reince Priebus as New Chair

    Will Remove Active Pro-Homosexual "Republicans" From the Building?

  31. "GAY INQUISITION" -- Gates says that "THEY" Can't Just Up and Leave

    Reverse Don't Ask Don't Tell-- Draw Up Articles of Impeachment