Defending the family

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Family Advocate Award

  1. Judge Robert Bork

    Bork leaves our world and goes to the next - criminals against Bork salute him.

  2. New York's Michael Long Fights The Good Fight For The Family

    Against all political odds and on a day to day basis, no single New York political conservative fights as hard and with as limited resources as Michael Long against the multi-million dollar war chest of the homosexual lobby.

  3. Public Advocate salutes the late Ronald Reagan on his 100th birthday.

    Reagan is held up by the world and genuine conservatives as America's greatest and most influential husband, father and patriot: a true Family Advocate.


    Broke the Story on Homosexual Betrayal of American Military In August

  5. Boy Scouts of America 100 Years Old

    Millions of parents, grandparents support it with money and time for 100 years this week. Millions of scouts benefit from it. Of course the homosexual lobby and the organized anti-religionists attack them since they are simply the most effective family-building patriotic non-governmental organization outside of church.

  6. Chris Matthews Nominates 14 Heros For Family Advocate

    Public Advocate gratefully accepts ultra liberal Chris Matthews' 14 nominees for Family Advocate by his major news media attack on these, mostly unrecognized American political leaders. His over-exaggeration and postured fear mongering forces us to admit: all 14 are heros to the family. Thank you to Mr. Matthews.

  7. Ken Cuccinelli
  8. Mrs. Schreiber is fighting anti-family forces in the San Diego school system.

  9. Scott Savage

    A former head of Reference and Instructional Services at Ohio State University's Bromfield Library, he fought accusations and lawsuits to include a conservative book on the freshmen required reading list.

  10. Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle

    Mayor declared his city a "Larry Craig Free Zone" in city bathrooms. Despite howls of protest from the Broward County Commission, the Broward Tourism Board, and gay activists, Mayor Jim Naugle is sticking to his guns, naming public homosexual sex as a moral and a health hazard.

  11. Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt

    Public Advocate proudly selects Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt as Family Advocate of the Month for his fight to overturn recent Navy and Air Force policies that required "non-sectarian" prayers.

  12. President George W. Bush

    Public Advocate is proud to name President George W. Bush as July's Family Advocate of the Month for his bold action in vetoing federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

  13. Georgia & New York Supreme Courts

    The highest courts in Georgia and New York both gave those that support judicial restraint and traditional marriage twin victories in June. On the same day these two courts ruled that same sex couples did not have a "right" to marry, and that the citizens of those States have a right to limit marriage between one man and one woman.

  14. Lexington Urban County Council

    The nine members of the Lexington Urban County Council in Kentucky who voted to display the Ten Commandments in the county building are May's Family Advocates of the Month. The display was a gift to the county from the Body of Christ Ministries.

  15. Rep. Gerald Solomon, in Memoriam

    Congressman Gerald Solomon of New York was a life-long supporter of the pro-family movement and the author of the Solomon Amendment.

  16. Sen. Tom Coburn

    Public Advocate is pleased to announce that Senator Tom Coburn is November's Family Advocate of the Month. Sen. Coburn has been a strong and outspoken proponent for the American family during his first year in office, never yielding to the forces of political correctness or supporters of big government.

  17. Scott Bloch

    Public Advocate honors Office of Special Counsel director for putting the American family and a strict interpretation of the law over political correctness and advocating political correctness.

  18. Tom Delay

    Public Advocate is proud to name House Majority Leader Tom Delay as April's Family Advocate of the Month. Tom Delay has been a consistent fighter for the American Family during his entire twenty-year career in congress.

  19. Mary and Robert Schindler

    Parents of Terri Schindler-Schiavo deserve Family Advocate of the Month award for their long standing fight to protect the life of their daughter.