Defending the family

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Ex Post Facto Special-Rights and Thought-Control: Homosexuals Desperately Cling to Failing Efforts Aimed At Unfairly Discrediting Miss California

Statement by Eugene Delgaudio, President, Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc.

The homosexual special-rights people in the Miss California organization are nit-picking Carrie Prejean for making appearances without their permission, as if their strict rules for maintaining control over PR for their pageant have anything to do with Miss Prejean's extenuating circumstances of having to defend herself from being defamed, sworn at, and threatened with murder by high ranking government officials -- and all for merely answering a question honestly.

The only reason Miss USA officials and Miss California officials may decide to go after Miss Prejean's title of Miss California is because their unpopular and hate-filled campaign advocating homosexual special rights against families just fell flat on its face. They are now bewildered and see destroying Miss Prejean as their only chance at saving face.

It will never happen. Miss Prejean has merely exercised her legal right to defend herself from defamation and threats of murder all the while coming out as the moral champion in the public eye.

The owner of the Miss USA pageant, Mr. Donald Trump has said that he is looking into photos of Miss Prejean which homosexual special-rights advocates from within the organization claim might disqualify her from previously earned standing in his pageants.

When Miss Prejean gave her answer to Judge Perez Hilton, she was not competing as a politician, pastor, or as an issue advocacy organization with a legislative agenda. She was certainly not looking to be a national political hero.

Miss Prejean was at the Miss USA pageant as a model, which is not an unheard of profession in America, to compete against other intelligent and attractive women for the title of "Miss USA".

It is impossible for Mr. Trump to disqualify Miss Prejean without permanently destroying the credibility of his famous pageants. If Mr. Trump were to disqualify Miss Prejean ex post facto then the whole world would know the Miss USA and Miss Universe competitions to be merely pageants for "yes women" in favor of the homosexual special rights and the thought-control agenda. This would not just be demeaning to the forty-eight contestants who finished behind Miss Prejean but all contestants to follow.

The vituperation against Miss Carrie Prejean is for one reason and one reason alone: the radical homosexual minority is hell-bent on running over and mowing down ANYONE FROM ANY WALK OF LIFE who AT ANY TIME dares express a traditional viewpoint about marriage. If Mr. Trump wants to show the USA that he is truly concerned about fairness in his competitions, then he will have researched and audited all contestants both before and after the fact without the unusual, unprecedented, and belated scrutiny under which some in his organization would like to place Miss Prejean.


Because of her publicly proven character, Miss Prejean is more popular and loved in the USA than the most famous beauty pageant could possibly have made her. Miss Prejean will continue to be a wildly popular success in the USA regardless of any ex post facto thought-control rules imposed against her by special rights advocates.

The challenges thrown at the current title holder of Miss California, including the special ex post facto audit that she received and the desertion of her former supporters during her persecution, indicate that the world's biggest hypocrites are not traditional marriage supporters sitting in church pews, but rather those in the ranks of the Miss California organization.

Mr. Trump has shown a level head before when he could easily have put the hammer down on a Miss USA winner who turned out to have alleged drug and alcohol problems on top of moral indiscretions with men. She even failed to show up to some of her Miss USA events. In December of 2006, Mr. Trump told the then Miss USA that she was NOT fired.,,20004750,00.html

The highly debatable allegations of contract and rule violations as described by Miss Prejean's detractors are nothing compared to what was alleged during the Miss USA scandal of 2006. If Mr. Trump's past actions are any indication, he will ultimately dismiss concerns of the special rights advocates from within the Miss California and Miss USA organizations. Regardless, Miss Prejean will yet again come out the clear winner in the eyes of the majority of Americans who applaud her strong personal character and support for traditional marriage. If he does nothing however, the fact that one of richest, powerful, most influential people in the world is supposedly hamstrung to come to the aid of a 21 year old beauty pageant winner says a lot about him.

AMERICA IS PULLING FOR MISS CALIFORNIA and this train is not stopping.