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PA To Tennessee: "Pass BILL 49 And Prohibit Obscene Advocacy To Children"

"Pass BILL 49 And Prohibit Obscene Advocacy To Children" says Public Advovcate's President Eugene Delgaudio in a hand delivered letter on Tuesday To each member of the Tennessee Senate and House in the state capitol.

Delgaudio said in his letter:

"I am writing to ask you to vote in favor of Sentate Bill 49 introduced by Sen. Stacey Campfield and amended in committee by Sen. Brian Kelsey R-Germantown.

The bill instructs education authorities to conduct a study and mandates an end to the advocacy of perversion to children in elementary and middle schools.

The Homosexual Lobby seeks to attack supporters of Bill 49 with an explicit youtube video misrepresenting the proposed law titled "Teachers Can't Talk About Homos" (sic) in which children rant obscene threats to you and your collegues.

It is typical of anti-family advocates to use obscenity to lie about the exact words in the bill . Bill 49 simply embraces "heterosexuality" in the educational environment.

Public Advocate has informed its 250,000 members online, in the mail and alerted the public that you are about to vote on this bill to allow a balance to the terrible anti-traditional family onslaught. Our group is asking you to vote "YES" for Senate Bill 49 and we will mark this historic vote as a pro-family vote if you vote yes. THANK YOU.