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Sarah Palin Bus Tour Puts Mass Media In Mass Confusion

It is one of the strangest spectacles in American history. One woman, her family and a small staff on a bus trip.

Thousands of news hounds pondering her end or her beginning but confounded moment to moment as she cheats political death.

Video Posted By Reuters "Sarah Palin's Rolling Thunder"

Earlier today, Sunday, Associated Press Video of Sarah Palin Arriving in Washington at the Memorial Bridge.

The armies of news people in helicopters and in jet planes can not keep up with the bus or the postings on the Palin campaign website, it seems.

It began with the announcment of her bus tour and it continues city by city into areas she has never been: the Northeast United States. Liberal Land.

Tougher candidates with bigger budgets have passed up such a schedule.

But this time its just a bus. The video of her arrival by motercycle in Washington says it all. Just one woman waving to the crowd along with 500,000 other like minded souls honoring veterans.

Just one person among the masses.

Wait until she gets to the next city.

By the time Palin gets to New Hampshire the suspense will be amazing.

The Associated Press is reporting (through Yahoo news)

"Palin didn't take questions from reporters and, in keeping her social media strategy, offered her thoughts on her political website.

"There's no better way to see D.C. than on the back of a Harley!" Palin wrote. "My family may be used to snowmachines more so than motorcycles."

Palin, whom Sen. John McCain elevated from an obscure governor to national star, set off from Washington on a tour of East Coast historical sites. Her political committee billed the swing as an opportunity for her family to visit historic sites as they worked their way to New England.

Aides and advisers to Palin were not releasing a schedule for the trip and refused to offer guidance. Instead, they pointed to the website of Palin's political action committee, which is prominently collecting donations ahead of the end-of-June fundraising quarter."