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Verdict In: Erick Erickson of RedState, Michelle Malkin and Mark Levine declare - They have had enough of Goproud

Erick Erickson of RedState, Michelle Malkin and Mark Levine declare They have had enough of Goproud

Red State's Erick Erickson condemns GoProud says

(Quote) I have done my best to stay out of this business, keep my mouth shut, and appreciate my friends on both sides of the CPAC divide. Had I not seen this particular attack by GOProud against long time solid conservatives I'd continue keeping my mouth shut.

But this is too much.........

As someone who spent time trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, I accept this as conclusive proof that, while it is a Republican organization, GOProud is not a conservative organization.

Let me tell you why......(He goes on to report and comment on the attack on an ACU lawyer who works tirelessly as a volunteer to defend the family, help the pro-life cause and help elect social conservatives.

And how because this ACU leader is a moral person with a disagreement over a lifestyle, she is called a "nasty bigot" in a public interview by GoProud's chairman.)

"........ You'll learn that should you disagree with GOProud, you are a bigot too. In fact there are lots of delightful quotes. GOProud has taken one of the favorite leftist bullet points and brought it straight into CPAC. You oppose affirmative action? You're a racist. You oppose gay marriage? You're a bigot, " says Erickson.

He says "In fact, let me now fully disabuse you of the notion that GOProud is a conservative organization." (He lists major liberal positions taken by GOproud leaders promoting compulsory unions, promoting abortion, attacking conservative Senate Candidates, conservative Senators and conservative candidates for President.)

Erickson concludes "Those groups and people who have sat out CPAC this year have done so not because they hate the gays, as Grover Norquist and GOProud would have you believe, but because GOProud is not a conservative organization and its agenda is not a conservative agenda.

For that, they are called losers and nasty bigots.

These losers and nasty bigots have done a lot more for the conservative movement than GOProud. And I am very happy to call them my friends.

........ I'd much rather be with them than be at CPAC."

For the entire Redstate posting

Breaking: Levin calls out gay conservative group GOProud

Late Friday night Levin said on his national broadcast: GOProud is saying that all they want to do is debate the issue. But that's not all they want to do. They're trashing traditional, social organizations that have been crucial to the conservative movement and to victory. They're trashing them.

(reference to Goproud calling ACU leaders and the Heritage foundation "bigots".)

Well if you want to be treated with respect, if you want to have a debate and you don't want to be trashed, then don't trash other people. It's a debate worth having and it's a debate we conservatives can have. With respect.


Michele Malkin Tweets Followers "Goproud Not Conservative"

The "nasty bigot" line led right-wing Red State's Eric Erickson to write..... "this is too much." That post -- and specifically his line that "GOProud is not a conservative org & its agenda is not a conservative agenda" -- was tweeted out by right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin