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Major Media Blackout: Homosexual Democratic New York Senator Pleads Guilty To Bribes, Sentenced to Jail

Don't look for how a homosexual New York State Senator shook down the public for millions in payoffs and how he got a sweetheart plea bargain deal.

Sure there are page one stories in New York in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

But where's the national press? Just like the Barney Frank "mistakes" that "only" deal with destroying the economy with his former boyfriend, this former Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee walks away with a light sentence.

It takes the Daily Mail to report

"A disgraced politician broke down in tears after he admitted taking nearly $500,000 in bribes - with the help of his gay lover.

New York State Senator Carl Kruger, 62, bought a Bentley and a beautiful mansion, where he lived with gynaecologist boyfriend Michael Turano, with his ill-gotten gains.

He quit his political post on Tuesday shortly before striking a plea bargain in Manhattan Federal Court, and has been told he now faces up to 50 years for his crimes."

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