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Rush Limbaugh Attacks Ruling Class GOP and Defends Social Conservatives

RUSH: Today's the day that I might just drum myself out of a movement. Well, it could happen. Let me take a whack at I think what happened this weekend at CPAC.........

........ It seems that the ruling class hasn't learned a whole lot since the election. It's somewhat troubling to me. Now, CPAC, ....... it's still run by a bunch of old hands and ruling-class types

Ron Paul, his son, they're fine, fine people. But Ron Paul is not going to be the Republican presidential nominee. It just isn't gonna happen. So you had a weird list of priorities and focus. I mean we had it all. We had GOProud, the gay conservatives. We had demands to legalize drugs, marijuana, at CPAC. Most conservatives strongly oppose gay marriage and legalized pot. We had would-be candidates promoted by the Washington ruling class. We had some candidates dumping on talk radio.

We had Mitch Daniels saying, (paraphrasing) "We need to move beyond the audiences of Rush and Sean," and so forth and the C-SPAN viewers, we need to move beyond that. There was this constant drumbeat that came from a lot of people, from Jeb Bush, from Mitch Daniels, a lot of people,

"We gotta do something about these social conservatives. We gotta dump this," and I just have a question. Does the left ever dump any of its factions?

Does the left ever hold a convention and say, "You know what, we gotta get rid of the Huffington Post people," or "We gotta deemphasize the Daily Kos"? Does the left ever do anything it does to appeal to its enemies, to try to be loved and associated by its enemies? CPAC, you didn't get the impression here that there was a conservative ascendancy going on. You had a lot of people saying, "We gotta do something about that faction of conservatism, we gotta do something about that faction of conservatism, we gotta move beyond this faction of conservatism."

I think the ruling class has circled the wagons and used CPAC to do it. Social conservatives were dissed again at CPAC. And the ruling-class cheering every speech made, every comment made that dissed the social conservatives.

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