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PA President Eugene Delgaudio Says "Liberals In Media Cheer On Mass Corruption, Attacks On Our Values and Then Acts Stupid When Decades of Child Abuse Are "Discovered""


Public Advocate has been warning for years that the homosexual lobby and their allies in the NAMBLA leagues that march with them and serve side by side with other "coalition" members of the "Rainbow Coalition" (pro-gay front groups) will advance their agenda.

Now comes news that a powerful sports figure has abused young men for years and the media refuses to discuss the crime in the manner that requires MORAL condemnation.

Its as if a whole new universe has opened up to some liberals in the mass news media.

It was conservatives and groups like Public Advocate that cleaned up the Catholic Church by rightfully condemning the homosexual infiltration and required, promoted and finally hailed the official condemnation of homosexual practices by priests.

It was the conservatives and groups like Public Advocate that defended the Boy Scouts of America and with legal briefs convinced the Supreme Court to halt the homosexual lobby's assault on young men by the thousands over the years.

And it's going to be Public Advocate and our supporters to clean up the schools, the college campuses, the youth sports leagues, and wherever adult homosexuals and their allies in the NAMBLA and other assorted perverse practictioners.

It certainly will not be the New York Times or liberals in the major news media that do anything to reverse the sick and corrupt practices they themselves promote 24 hours a day 7 days a week and then "report" as "allegations".

Heck, these self-styled anti-moral elitists are part of the problem and are actually co-spirators in the many crimes against young children!

Today Public Advocate agrees with Crouse in the Washington Times when she writes:

The time has come when we can no longer casually dismiss fringe radicals as irrelevant. Instead, we must take seriously those who want to steer our nation into a moral morass. We are not powerless; we can serve as watchdogs, monitoring institutions such as the APA and keeping them accountable. If we've learned nothing else from the Jerry Sandusky scandal, we have learned that pedophilia involves real people, and little children are the victims when a trusted adult perpetrator exploits their innocence and takes sexual advantage of their trust.

Source for Crouse:

CROUSE: Normalizing Penn State pedophilia

While children suffer, activists push to mainstream abuse

The vast majority of Americans are outraged at the recent accusations of child rape by a former member of the football coaching staff at Penn State University and the seeming cover-up by the university's president and legendary head football coach. At the same time, a small, radical organization, B4U-ACT, is lobbying under the radar to convince theAmerican Psychiatric Association (APA) - publisher of the bible for identifying abnormal behaviors, the Diagnostic&StatisticalManualofMental Disorders (DSM) -to declare that pedophilia should not be included in the list of abnormal behaviors.