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Maryland Committee Attacks Marriage 12 to 10, CALL THESE DELEGATES TO DEFEND MARRIAGE

Genderless Marriage in Maryland

Maryland Bill HB175/55 - The Religous Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act has passed the Maryland House of Delegates committee and goes to the floor for a vote next week.

A pro-family Delegate reports the following:

"This is what has happened this week in the Maryland state legislature;

Last Friday we heard the testimony on the same sex marriage legislation for Maryland. We concluded around 9pm.

Over the weekend, many church leaders preached and alerted their members that the definition of marriage was in jeopardy of being redefined to include same sex marriage. That message from the church translated into calls and e-mails that have had a great effect.

(Still quoting pro-family delegate) On Tuesday at 11am we were called to committee vote on the same sex marriage bill. We sat in committee for just over 30 minute's waiting for two missing members. Without their presence and vote, the bill would fail. As result, we did not vote. The Chairman stated that we would vote the same sex marriage bill in the evening. Again, when evening came, there were not enough votes on committee to pass the same sex marriage bill so it was not voted at all on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we were supposed to vote on the same sex marriage bill. All day long members were pressured by both sides of the issue. As result of missing members and uncertain votes, the same sex marriage bill was not voted for the second day in a row. Your phone calls and e-mails held it off!

On Thursday, we were once again supposed to vote following our bill hearings. Again for the third day, we did not vote to redefine marriage. We have managed to stall the vote for a third consecutive day, as the other side continues to scramble for votes. (unuquote from unnamed pro-family delegate).

The Judiciary committee voted 12-10 to send the bill to the full house


Opponents have vowed to take the issue to voters in a referendum. They believe same-sex marriage would be defeated in a Maryland referendum, just as it has been in California, Maine and other states.

Requested by the pro-family delegate:

Quote "Each of these delegates needs to be encouraged to vote against redefining marriage to include same sex relationships. The message is kind, short and sweet. You can use the following statement as you make your calls:" (UNQUOTE)


"My name is (insert your name) and I am calling as a constituent and a citizen of Maryland, (Or if you are from outside Maryland, insert, "as a citizen of (Your State) and America." to ask Delegate (insert delegate's name) to vote against redefining marriage to include same sex relationships. Will he/she make a committment to preserve marriage as between a man and a woman? Thank you for your time."

Calls need to be made starting at 2pm through 8pm this Monday. The calls need to be made again every day until you hear in the news that Same Sex Marriage was defeated. Please send e-mails whenever you can and as often as you can.


District 19-(Montgomery County) Sam Arora- 410-841-3528

[email protected]

District 43-(Baltimore City) Curt Anderson- 410-841-3291

[email protected]

District 8-(Baltimore County) Eric Bromwell- 410-841-3766

[email protected]

District 40- (Baltimore City) Frank Conaway- 410-841-3189

[email protected]

District 22- (Prince Georges County) Tawanna Gaines- 410-841-3058

[email protected]

District 25-(Prince Georges County) Melony Griffith- 410-841-3557

[email protected]

District 44-(Baltimore City) Keith Haynes- 410-841-3801

[email protected]

District 46-(Baltimore City) Brian McHale-410-841-3319

[email protected]

District 28-(Charles County) Peter Murphy- 410-841-3247

[email protected]

District 27A (Prince Georges County) James Proctor- 410-841-3083

[email protected]

District 47-(Prince Georges County) Michael Summers- 410-841-3340

[email protected]

District 40 - (Baltimore City) Shawn Tarrant- 410-841-3545

[email protected]

District 13-(Howard County) Frank Turner- 410-841-3246

[email protected]

District 26-(Prince Georges County) Veronica Turner- 410-841-3212

[email protected]

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By Associated Press

Thank you to the PFOX blog, ex-gay ministry