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Victory Victory Victory Tennessee Senate Votes 20-11 To Prevent Pervert Propaganda Against Children

The Vote was 20-11 in the Senate in Nashville. The calendar for the vote for Senate Bill 49 was put off for several days as demonstrators protested outside the legislative chambers.

Public Advocate members poured in with phone calls and our legislative team visited every office and conducted interviews broadcast on local news stations.

The onslaught by the liberal media was relentless with wall to wall condemnation coming from liberal blogs, Hollywood stars and youtube broadcasts.

But the phones were jammed in the Speakers office and the stalling of the bill due to a tremendous workload of other bills finally came to an end Friday May 20.

Some legislators asked conservative leaders "will we get our phones back" and were told "when we vote on this bill you will get your phones back and it will help if you just tell us you are going to vote for SB 49."

One published news account reports:

"The state Senate approved a bill that restricts teaching about homosexuality before high school, after its main backer changed the legislation to limit its scope.

Senators voted 20-10 Friday morning to pass Senate Bill 49, known by opponents as the "Don't Say Gay" bill, after accepting a new amendment that says the measure would only ban discussion in prepared materials and instruction. Democrats opposed to the measure argued it would muddy state laws that already restrict sex education in middle and elementary school."

other source for news

Pro-homosexual Metro pulse laments their defeat:


Tennessee Senate OKs Bill to Ban Teaching of Homosexuality