Defending the family

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The entire Democratic Party leadership and Republican leadership has condemned Anthony Weiner for his awful acts but President Barrack Obama continues to treat the "incident" as "unfortunate". This follows his remarks that "he would resign if he had done the same thing" as if he would actually do the same thing as Anthony Weiner!

Now, Obama says on ABC News:

"I wish Representative Weiner and his lovely wife well. This has obviously been a tough incident for him, but I'm confident that they'll refocus and he'll refocus and they'll be able to bounce back," President Obama told ABC News.

Whatever Weiner is drinking, so is the President.

Perhaps the President should resign immediately also as he suggested he might "if he had done the same thing".

Because not catergorically condemning and disassociating yourself from Anthony Weiner is "just as bad" since you are complicit or supportive by an act of omission.