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Public Advocate Condemns Violent Assault At McDonalds, More Information

Violent Assault At McDonalds, More Information

Public Advocate condemns the vicious assault at the McDonalds in Baltimore, Maryland last week.

More information is coming out about the Baltimore incident involving a widely viewed video of extreme violence posted Good Friday on youtube.

See previous posting from Public Advocate here.

Viewers were first told the victim was a woman.

We are now learning the victim is a man dressed as woman and is calling himself a transgendered woman which is not a woman but a sexual orientation.

First Statement By Man Dressed As Woman Victim

Victim Chrissy Lee Polis

The first, and later published online article refer to "transgendered woman" and "she said" when in fact it is a man who dresses as a woman, this is the definition from several sources.

But the term "transgendered could mean a varity of things," according to Wikipedia.

In the opinion of Public Advocate, to refer to a man as "her" or "she" is wrong and adds to the confusion. The proper term is transgendered person.

More photographs of both the victim and the assailant have been posted online.

Assailant Teonna Monae Brown

Victim makes extended statement for "transgendered rights" and has other photographs published of Victim

Report shows the assailant has physically assaulted other victims at the same McDonalds.

A seven Page Crime Report is posted here from July 28, 2010, last year. It is a report of assault by the perpetrator charged int he current crime with beating, chasing and then beating again a mother and her daughters.

According to the Smoking Gun, the Baltimore teenager charged last week with the brutal beating of a McDonald's patron was arrested last year for assaulting a woman following a dispute in the same restaurant, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Teonna Monae Brown, 18, was charged with two assault counts for allegedly attacking Danielle Dower, 38, last July. In October, a Baltimore County judge ruled that charges would not be further pursued against Brown, according to court records, which do not further explain that "nolle prosequi" decision.

A rally has been planned "in support of transgendered people" according to the Associated Press, to be held tonight, Monday night, at 7 p.m. at the Rosedale, Maryland McDonalds.

This incident now seems to revolve around an extremely violent person who uses physical attack to express herself and is isolated and will be prosecuted fully.

Liberal judges allowed this attacker to go free in a previous but similar case. (This report was corrected to reflect that the victim in the earlier case did not want to pursue charges).

There is no need to pass special legislation in Maryland or anywhere to "prevent" future assailants from acting in a clearly criminal manner.

Currently the assailiant is being held on $150,000 bond for the assault.