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Merry Christmas? Pastors handcuffed and jailed in Houston, Texas -- charged after telling 'gays' about sin

Merry Christmas?
Pastors handcuffed and jailed in Houston, Texas -- charged after telling 'gays' about sin...Now facing bench trial in court run by lesbian

Their sign warns those who are "Drunks, homosexuals, abortionist, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, witches, idolators" that "Hell awaits you."

Their hearing will be in Houston Municipal Court, which is run by Barbara E. Hartle, who, according to the Dallas Voice, is listed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund as "one of only a few out members of the Texas judiciary."

She was appointed to the position by Houston Mayor Annise Parker, identified by the Los Angeles Times as "the first lesbian to head a major American city."

Allen told WND that no matter what happens, the fact that the ministers were handcuffed and ticketed, with their signs and shofar confiscated for a time, sent a chilling message about free speech regarding religion and homosexuality.

One website poster asks:

Why are these performance artists being silenced? Sure their art transgresses the normative PC cultural understanding, but it's just designed to raise questions and spark a conversation about subjects that normally go unquestioned in today's media conditioned society.

PA agrees. Challenging the liberal orthodoxy requires some creativty today and while some tactics are too confrontational or may seem over the top, it is Public Advocate's belief that most printed materials promoting morality seem to be peaceful or non-controversial expressions of religious values.


"I think they were trying to send us a message," said (pastor) David Stokes. "I believe they were trying to shut us down."

Officers handcuffed and detained the men.


Youtube video posting shows struggle with police