Defending the family

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Homosexuals Abused Senator Brown As A Young Boy

We have politically attacked Senator Scott Brown for his vote to remove the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy from the U.S. military.

We extend our sympathy to him on learning that he was abused as a young boy at a summer camp byh an adult camp counselor.

But we still will consider him as an anti-family traitor who must reconsider his vote to expose the entire military to what he was exposed to as a child.

According to Fox News:

Sen. Scott Brown has revealed he was sexually abused by a camp counselor as a child.

The Massachusetts Republican, who rose to political stardom when he won the seat held by the late Ted Kennedy a year ago, is expected to discuss the childhood abuse in his book, "Against All Odds."

Saying he's never told anybody about the trauma, Brown opened during an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" set to air Sunday. Though he also suffered physical abuse at the hands of his stepfathers, Brown revealed he was sexually abused, multiple times, by a camp counselor who threatened to "kill" him if he talked about it.

Entire Story is posted at Fox News