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Daily Mail: How America's elite hijacked a massacre to take revenge on Sarah Palin

On a sunny Saturday morning outside the local Safeway in Tucson,­ Arizona, a man pulls out a powerful handgun, opens fire - and engulfs the U.S. in a political ­firestorm.

Six people were killed on ­Saturday, including a nine-year-old girl.

But it was the fact that the target was a ­Democratic congresswoman - who is fighting for her life -
which has sparked such a furious row, not, as one might expect, over the nature of America's gun laws, but over the vitriolic nature of its politics.........

Gabrielle Giffords was a Democrat and much - but not all - of the badly spelt, incoherent YouTube jumble that passed for the politics of her attacker was broadly 'Right-wing'.

As a result, many liberal ­commentators and establishment figures have leapt at the opportunity to blame conservative politicians.

The rush to make political capital out of a mass shooting shows just how nasty U.S. ­politics has become. Under Barack Obama, America is more polarised than it has been for 40 years......

Despite the lack of any ­evidence that the Tucson gunman had supported Mrs Palin, let alone seen the graphic, ­critics -- including senior ­Democrats in Congress --- have decreed she is somehow culpable.