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HAPPY NEW YEAR Finally Leaving: Idiot Liberals Who Like To Stare At Goats And Charge You $100 Billion

Finally Leaving: Idiot Liberals Who Like To Stare At Goats And Charge You $100 Billion

Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) -- Defeated

This is a guy who tried night and day to make free speech completely illegal. Only five members of the Supreme Court threw this law out and restored the basic right to participate in free elections in this country.

And that court action made President Barrack Obama throw a self-destructive tantrum with a rant during his own State of the Union. Feingold's bill had made it fashionable to duct tape millions of people and President Obama was just all hunky dory with that. There is a long list of similar assaults on freedom, the treasury and traditional values. Don't worry the news media will employ Russ Feingold and the exempted advocacy groups will pay him millions for his brilliance.

Liberals like Russ Feingold as an elected official passes legislation to install a guaranteed monopoly worth billions and does not go to jail. He gets retainers and university plums.

Sen. Arlen Specter (was R-PA) (then D-PA) -- Defeated in Democratic Primary

This guy made flip floping a daily theme for his tenure in Washington. He was so confused he got into politcal bed with President Obama. Obama staff offered his opponent a job to throw the election and honest voters banded together in the Democratic Party rank and file got rid of him in a primary.

He made an act of seeming fair but in the end looked confused and manipulative beyond description. Voters had to put him out of his misery.

Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) then (I-FL) -- Lost Race For Senate

Rubio beat him for the Senate. And just as well. Charlie Crist would have made Ted Kennedy look like a boy scout.

During his "run" for the Senate he tried to make it look like a charge up San Juan Hill with the Teddy Roosevelt's rough riders.

Actually it was more like the charge of the light brigade in his mind. But Crist was certainly not TR's rough rider or close to the light brigade at all.

In fact it was a nasty graceless use of his governor's office to browbeat and bash anything remotely conservative standing in his way. The national media hailed this duplicitous behavior as virtue.

When a conservative governor (Sarah Palin) resigns from office to participate in public policy its a scandal. When a entrenched liberal governor uses his power to destroy the opposition its routine.

And Crist's wrongful behavior no doubt fueled an entire change in most state governorships in the country.

He supported gay rights, supported Obama's health plan and on his way out of office, one of Crist's final moves was to pardon the late Jim Morrison for his infamous 1969 conviction for indecent exposure at a Doors concert in Miami.

It seemed he, Crist, was flashing the general public with his political positions throughout the year, so why not pardon another actual flasher.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) -- Defeated

Exhibit A of the political theatrical talents on the left in America. Public Advocate names Alan Grayson as the undisputed Public Advocate's Top Liberal Political Actor for 2010.

Political Muckraker says "Grayson became famous for his vitriolic attacks on Republicans, most notably his declaration that the GOP health care plan was for people who get sick to "die quickly." He has also described Republicans as "knuckle-dragging neanderthals," imagined Dick Cheney as a vampire with blood dripping from his teeth and even crashed a local Republican meeting in his district. (The latter event was of course captured on an attendee's cell phone camera, and uploaded to YouTube.)

It often seemed like Grayson was putting on a piece of performance art, attacking Republicans with the vitriol they use all the time to attack Democrats, questioning their moral values and basic sense of humanity -- and for this, people called him crazy. In the end, Grayson lost by a whopping 56%-38% to Republican former state Sen. Dan Webster"

So even the liberals seem to concede you can get out of hand --after the election -- but they sure cheered him when he went over the top. But that's okay because it was all "liberal street theater" and that's okay.

If conservatives do this, its hate speech of course.

For the record, we don't agree with Grayson's words but absolutely salute his right to say it.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) -- Retired

With his retirement Public Advocate will retire the Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint Squad who's primary duties were to stop cars around the U.S. Capitol and state "if your name is Kennedy, get out of the car".

Rep. Dave Obey (D-WI) -- Retired

Rather than face a Republican revolt that was going to make the same free speech issuses the cornerstone of the 2010 elecction, Mr. Obey left.

As long ago as 1978 when Public Advocate was first founded, we fought Obey's HR 1 which would have limited spending in Congressional races. Obey supported liberal causes including the so-called " Gay " agenda and pushed through legislation to restrict and punish any citizen who resisted him and his grow the government and stifle liberties policies.

It is the Feingold legislation that restricted political speech but Obey had been pushing it for 40 years.

Good bye and good riddance to all of them and so many others who would ram down the throat of Americans their agenda in every way possible. They of course will fight for their wicked agenda from the outside now.

Liberals who love these people will miss them of course. But we won't.