Defending the family

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Lawless Gay Lynch Mob Breaks Firm's Legs For Boss Obama--Cripples Defense of Marriage Team In Broad Daylight

Byron York in the Washington Examiner reports: "Legal insiders knew there would be controversy when Paul Clement, the former solicitor general, signed on to defend the Defense of Marriage Act against constitutional challenge.

.......But few could have predicted a controversy so intense that Clement's law firm, under fire from gay activists, would abruptly abandon the defense, forcing Clement to resign in protest. And yet that is what happened on Monday. "

After President Obama and AG Eric Holder announced the Administration would no longer uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, the law of the land, "House Speaker John Boehner decided the House would defend DOMA in court, the House retained the giant firm King & Spalding, with Clement handling the case. Firm management considered the likelihood that the representation would be controversial -- that was pretty much guaranteed -- but still signed off on Clement's participation."

"When word got out that King & Spalding was defending DOMA, there was talk of gay groups cutting all ties with the firm. Of discouraging top students from joining the firm. Of protests."

"The firm publicly withdrew from the DOMA case and Clement immediately resigned."

Now the Gay Mob that ran over a principled attorney and made a giant law firm drop a client -- unprecedented in American legal practice in the history of the United States--- is celebrating its thug and criminal power.

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