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New chief says CPAC jury still out on GOProud as GoProud Kicks Us All In the Teeth

New chief says CPAC jury still out on GOProud

'We want our friends at Heritage back in the fold'

It is Public Advocate's opinion that with hundreds of interviews and tons of negative reaction pouring in from around the country from the association with Goproud that used cpac and at times dominated controversies it created itself with David Keene's help.

As PA president said elsewhere the name of cpac itself as a coalition is destroyed by their own massive manipulation to gain press coverage and push the traditional conservatives off the cliff.

Of course a virtual iron skillet across the head would not impact some of the old leadership that did not see how putting hundreds of anti-conservative leftists in the same hall as genuine patriots who believe in a moral lifestyle would be nasty, says Eugene Delgaudio, President of PA.

WND reports "The jury still is out on the continued participation by GOProud, a group that openly works on behalf of homosexuals, in the Conservative Political ActionConference, according to CPAC's new chairman, Al Cardenas.

"I intend to form a comprehensive vetting process on each CPAC participant, especially at the organizational level," Cardenas told WND today."

Mail your iron skillet with the the note "Dear Chairman Al Cardenas, please hit yourself in the head with this to help you experience a future CPAC 2012."

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