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PA's Eugene Delgaudio: Convene Congressional Hearings To Investigate Firing of Christian Teacher In Lake County, Florida

Principal Pam Chateauneuf
[email protected]

Debbie Stivender, Lake County School Board
[email protected]

Dear Principal Chateauneuf,

Mount Dora High School has removed a veteran social-studies teacher Gerald (Jerry) Buell for expressing his opinion that same sex marriage is wrong.

Please immediately re-instate Gerald (Jerry) Buell.

Your actions responding to an email complaint about Mr. Buell's opinion expressed in a free speech forum show that you will bend over backwards to the homosexual and politically correct lobby and Lake County, Florida is still part of the USA and the American Constitution still applies.

As well as federal laws which proscribe and otherwise prohibit the brainwashing and mental torture of children which seems to be the apparent policy at your school district. Under the federal Hatch Act on Education Revised (not to be confused with the Hatch Act on federal elections which has also been revised), which prohibits brainwashing and the use of certain advocacy techniques (death worship, suicide and drug advocacy) your advocacy of the homosexual lifestyle to children may violate that prohibition.

The man has done nothing but express an opinion. Depriving him of a job for a simple expression of opinion shows you to be anti-family, anti-taxpayer and anti-moral-- the very opposite of what's required to run an public education institution.

You have become part of a propaganda machine.

I am asking the House Education and the Workforce Committee (formerly the House Education and Labor Commitee) chairman, Congressman John Kline, Republican of Minnesota, of the U.S. House of Representatives to hold emergency hearings on the free speech of Christian men like Gerald (Jerry) Buell and how to prevent irresponsbile anti-moral and anti-family actions such as yours from happening.

It is my belief that existing federal laws prevent you from using federal dollars to assist in the spreading of propaganda that has no foundation in law or moral values and prohibits you from eliminating the constitutional right to religious or moral expressions outside of your school property.

It is my understanding that you are acting on the basis of an advocacy of Christian values as bringing "disrepute to your school" but that is a perversion of your legal right and would be the subject of the Congressional hearing. Do you, indeed, think that "disrepute" has something to do with genuine religious values and actually think that Congress intends you to blatantly use federal taxpayer dollars to promote your anti-Christian propaganda?


Eugene Delgaudio