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CPAC Crowds Boo Former VP Cheney, Attack Republican Party, Cheer Homosexuals

CPAC split evident as meetings erupt with boos, jeers

Group divided over participation by homosexuals, Muslims, even political party

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio, outside the CPAC hotel in Washington, says "This is not the CPAC that welcomed Ronald Reagan in 1973 or hosted traditional values with respect.


Delgaudio says: " Its an odd assortment of strangers fighting with each other over social issues, national priorities and international topics.

Its a slugfest and a fraud to call it "Conservative Poltical Action Conference." The CPAC letters can now mean
Conservative Paralysis Conference.

At this new CPC you watch "spontaneous" (sic) ugly fights set up to make money off of the combatants.

It has devolved to a Political Fight Club, or truth be told here's a Commercially Produced Conference. "

Delgaudio said "Yes, there are always disagreements but the organizers are anarchists as far as productive political effort when it comes to pitting a dozen major factions against a dozen other major factions for pay while the media and others are drawn in to the staged fight. "

World Net Daily reports CPAC shows signs of major discord

CPAC factions remains opposed to each other over whether the organization should be open to conservative-positioning activists from the homosexual community as well as similarly positioned Muslims.

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