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Homosexual Lobby Angry At Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio for Victory March Into Maryland


Public Advocate fought an uphill battle against the homosexual lobby's betrayal in the Maryland Judiciary Committee and worked for days in Maryland against mocking and derisive statements and tactics. In the end the Maryland House rejected homosexual marriage, protected traditional marriage and listened to Public Advocate and the pleading of Maryland's pro-family leaders and church leaders gathered in Annapolis.

Liberals today condemn Public Advocate's President Eugene Delgaudio, who went to Maryland to uphold Traditional Marriage Laws and oppose an attempt to install same sex marriage without a voter referendum.

Public Advocate handed out brochures promoting traditional marriage and held discussions with pro-family leaders and delegates outside the Capitol, legislative offices and inside the Judiciary Committee hearing room in Annapolis, Maryland during the debate.

There was intense lobbying by both sides with discussions in every hallway.

Public Advocate's Delgaudio asked pro-family leaders to summarize what they were telling the Judiciary Committee and posted their comments.

In spite of 100s of pro-family leaders testifying, Maryland Bill HB175/55 - The Religous Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act passed the Maryland House of Delegates committee and goes to the floor for a vote

But it was a very costly victory for the homosexual lobby as Joseph Vallario had to show his true colors as an anti-family elected official.


The "Honorable" Joseph Vallario, D-Prince George's, the committee chairman of the Maryland Judiciary committee was opposed to same sex marriage prior to the vote in committee but switched his vote.

Had Vallario not betrayed the pro-family cause, the same sex marriage bill would have died in committee with a 11 to 11 tie. Instead it went to the floor 12 yes, 10 no.

After the Committee vote, on the floor of the Maryland House, it was assumed to be a slam dunk for the homosexual lobby.

But Public Advocate continued to work.

A key moment in the debate came when anti-family spokesman Del. Luiz Simmons, D-Montgomery County, a gay marriage advocate, riled up opponents by joking about the objections of religious people. Simmons kicked us all in the teeth and smiled.

"How can we address the celestial arguments of the opponents of same-sex marriage who truly believe that they can decipher, translate and represent the position of God on the question of same-sex marriage?"

Simmons asked. "Mr. Chairman, I have checked the witness list and God has not signed up either for or against the bill.

Combined with the betrayal in the Judiciary committee and the mocking of God on the floor of the House, it proved too much for Christian House members.

It's widely acknowledged that Maryland's black pastors and their church members stopped the same-sex marriage effort dead in its tracks. Public Advocate was right in there with many pro-family Maryland based and national groups.

March 10 Vote For Family

The Maryland house sent "gay marriage" back to committee on Thursday March 10,2011 in a resounding victory for Public Advocate and all pro-family Americans.

Even the Baltimore Sun says this is the deathnell of same sex marriage in Maryland for the rest of the 4 year term of this legislature.

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