Defending the family

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Bachmann: Constitutional Amendment Corrects Corrupt Legislators Imposing Mandatory Gay Marriage On Innocent Citizens

Michele Bachmann is the first Republican Presidential candidate to comment on the New York legislature, including 4 Republicans, imposing mandatory homosexual marriage on New York citizens.

Public Advocate is already supporting the Constitutional amendment and applaud's Bachmann's announcement today and asks the other Presidential candidates to offer their own ideas to reverse homosexual lobby controlled legislators from imposing mandatory gay marriage on their respective state's citizens.

There is not a single state where a referendum of the citizens has been won by the homosexual lobby.

On Fox News Sunday, Congresswoman Bachmann who is leading in some Iowa polls as of today, said that if she were president, she'd be in favor of a constitutional amendment to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Bachmann also said "The states have the right to pass the laws they want to."

Federal law will trump state law on this issue, said Bachman.

I would not appoint judges or activists who want to legislate from the bench......President Obama has said he will not uphold the law of the land which is the defense of marriage act....President Obama has said opposition to what he is supposed to do-- uphold the law---.... that is why you will see a rise..... for a call to pass a constitutional law.....the family is the fundemental unit of government."

Bachmann announced she will, as President, support a federal constitutional amendment to override the New York Law.

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