Defending the family

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4 RINO Traitors Willfully Betray Families of New York and America-- maybe they are Weiner Wannabees

The New York Daily News reports

"A vote of conscience has left the four Republican senators who helped legalize gay marriage already facing retribution from the Conservative Party.

Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long said the four have lost the backing of the small but influential party for what he deemed their "betrayal" of principles.

"It's absolutely a betrayal," Long said. "They accepted the Conservative Party endorsement. They knew where we stood on the issue." "

All four Senators: James Alesi of Rochester, Roy McDonald of Saratoga Springs, Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie and Mark Grisanti of Buffalo campaigned as being for traditional marriage or voted in their previous terms against homosexual marriage or both.

"The four Republicans know their votes could cost them their political careers, but said they felt compelled to do what they now believe is the right thing," the Daily News said.

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