Defending the family

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Gingrich Plummets In Polls-- Eugene Delgaudio says "Answer the Survey"

Presidential Front runner Newt Gingrich is front-runner no more.

In addition to the attention paid to his past, Public Advocate focused increasing attention on his decision to refuse to respond to Public Advocate's Presidential Survey on family issues.

Public Advocate expressed its concerns to candidate Gingrich in a plea posted on our website and in a written letter to him and in messages to our supporters nationwide.

Rather than respond to our request to sign a pledge to protect the family in light of his political policies and personal behavior prior to his current run for office, he brazenly ignored this problem.

In a widely distributed message, which included pointed appeals to all candidates for President, Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said, in part,

"When a politician refuses to sign a survey, it almost always means he has something to hide.

Of course it shouldn't be a surprise. He (Gingrich) has never displayed any respect for traditional morality.

He shamelessly cheated on and divorced not one wife, but two.

He attacked the military and forced them to allow homosexuals to serve in uniform.

You and I have a great responsibility this year, and Newt Gingrich plays an important part in it."

Public Advocate will continue to press all candidates to sign the pro-traditional marriage pledge and to take a stand against the homosexual lobbies' assault on our nation's children and young people.