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"GAY INQUISITION" -- Gates says that "THEY" Can't Just Up and Leave

"GAY INQUISITION" -- Gates says that "THEY" Can't Just Up and Leave

Reverse Don't Ask Don't Tell-- Draw Up Articles of Impeachment

Just exactly who does Defense Secretary Gates mean when he says "they"?

If this is true and what it becomes clear that he intends on following up on this "policy" members of the newly sworn in House of Reprenatives should vote out articles of impeachment for the President or anyone, his Defense Secretary, Gates, and anybody (who knows about this and when did they know?) who is involved in this obviously wrong policy.

Defense Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen are anything but innocent in their attempt to override religion, the First Amendment, and liberty of conscience within the US military.

To the degree they are guilty, or anyone in the White House is involved, in any of these clear crimes, impeachment and immediate removal from office is a solution.

While Admiral Mullen, in his syncophantic blather stated that Christians, or any morally straight soldiers, in the military could "find another place to work,"

Secretary Gates out of his own mouth has said that he wants conscionable members of the military doomed and trapped in his Gay Inquisition.
"Gates responded that while any loss of troops, particularly those in the field, is "potentially of concern for the force as a whole, I don't think any of us would expect that the numbers would be anything like the survey suggests, just based on experience.

Plus you have the reality that they can't just up and leave." emphasis added --

this is a "GAY" CONSCRIPTION/DRAFT INTO A "GAY" THOUGHT CONTROL ARMY -- which is Gates' agenda out of his own mouth.

This is the source for the direct quote ("they can't just up and leave")
Again, just exactly who does Gates mean when he says "they"?

Of course, Gates is referring to the multitude of Christian servicemembers, or all morally straight soldiers, who refuse to accept sodomy as a qualification of a special civil rights class but rather an abomidable sin, which the Bible and any Christianity clearly teaches against.

Defense Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen are ramming through homosexual thought-control in the name of equality while clearly discriminating against Christians in the military -- not only to indoctrinate and humiliate Christian servicemembers but also to hold Christians in captive service while demanding outright support of homosexual acts against soldiers' religion.

To follow a new dictate may be entirely legal but the wholesale manner to run roughshod over traditional values of the individual is clearly not the legislative intent but counter to the actual debate in which members of Congress said on the record "this is voluntary and members of the service have the option to leave".

The First Amendment prohibits any law which makes an establishment of religion, but it is clear that Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen are launching a Gay Inquisition against Christian servicemembers to force them to sacrifice their souls and submit their consciences to abominations which no Christian under any circumstance, either military or civilian, would ever condone.
HOW CAN MEMBERS OF THE MILITARY "FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO WORK" (direct quote from Admiral Mullen) WHEN "YOU HAVE THE REALITY THAT THEY CAN'T JUST UP AND LEAVE"(direct quote from Defense Secretary Gates)?

The answer, of course, is that Gates and Mullen cannot possibly have it both ways; military servicemembers are not able to find another place to work and that Obama, Gates, and Mullen (as well as a radical homosexual lobby which has no intent to replace inevitable losses and become military servicemembers) intend to launch a self-styled homosexual inquisition against who they KNOW full-well to be CAPTIVE military servicemembers, weed out those with morals, and corrupt the rest of the servicemembers.

The true intent of Obama, Gates, and Mullen is to eradicate religious conscience and convert the US Armed forces into the ultimate anti-Christian, or anti-traditional values, army.
Military servicemembers have the same First Amendment rights as anyone else, and that includes the right of Christians to abhor the practice of sodomy, which behavior in no way qualifies one for a special civil rights classification per the Constitution. Military servicemembers are also required to refuse unlawful orders.

The institution of sodomy into the military clearly qualifies ans unlawful according to longstanding western law, dating back to Blackstone's Commentaries, where sodomy is condemned as "abominable" and "destestible."
Blackstone and George Washington were right; Obama, Gates, and Mullen are wrong. Public Advocate defends the First Amendment from thought-control in the military and will lobby the new US House of Representatives to refuse ANY funding whatsoever to implement new regulations incorporating known homosexuals and the practice of forced buggary (in the English slang) into the military and ask for Articles of impeachment for members of the Obama administration if necessary.