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Obama Ranted In the World Spotlight about The Real Heros of the Revolution: Citizens United

It was in front of us all the time.

The homosexuals are working night and day to deny it and Public Advocate is fighting for it with equal vigor every day and night.

Its called free speech. The right to speak out against corruption and to ask for justice in a free society. Once you regulate free speech, you start down the road of slavery.

It was Citizens United that took on the restrtictions on free speech and won a five to four Supreme Court decision. The five members of the Supreme Court were singled out by President Barack Obama and condemned.

This was during the President's State of the Union. Supreme Court members shook their heads. Sam Alito mouthed "not true."

The Wall St. Journal notes today " Citizens United has become the Democratic left's Roe v. Wade, the case that drove them screaming into the streets."

Just last week Nancy Pelosi decried "the Citizens United decision and then all of this money started coming from all over" (sic).

The decision freed the unions and private companies but there is no lopsided result. Just balance on that front.

But the unions are spending $171 million in this election cycle and the big corporate giants and chamber of commerce are spending $140 million.

According to the Wall Street Journal: "It also turns out that "our democracy" wasn't seized by the Fortune 500 but instead by the Everyman 50,000. As one small-business contributor told The Wall Street Journal: "If the Democrats are going to put me out of business, I'm going to put them out of business first." In about 20 words, that's your election."

And the credit goes to Citizens United. They took the case to free up the little person, the average person to rise up and demonstrate that our Republic is in the hands of the citizens who want to contribute to prosperity not destroy it.

For old-timers lets remember that it was Citizens United who challenged the Soviet Union when they declared an area five hundred feet from their front entrance as "Soviet territory" and won. Now Americans can protest up to 50 feet, just like at all the other foreign embassies in the United States. CU had several brave volunteers who put their feet in cement overshoes to hold them at the gates of the Soviet embassy. They took some serious risks to fight for free speech.

Today we stand on the shoulders of those few brave volunteers who fight for free speech at Citizens United.

So today Public Advocate names them "Family Advocate".

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The Rage Against Citizens United

Why Barack Obama gave the Supreme Court a public tongue-lashing.