Defending the family

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Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer

For hundreds of hours in thousands of words, every day Bryan Fishcher just belts it out on the radio, before audiences and on youtube too:


The battle over gay rights is THE battle ... there is no other

America's future will be determined by one thing and one thing only: whether the forces of light or darkness will win the battle over special rights based on sexually deviant behavior.

This is for the simple reason that America must choose between homosexuality and religious freedom, between sodomy and liberty. There is no middle ground. As columnist Matt Lewis put it, the clash is a "zero-sum" game. Somebody wins and somebody else loses.

Every single advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty. Americans want to believe otherwise, that sodomy and religious liberty can coexist, but they cannot. Everywhere Big Gay gains ground, Christ is forced into retreat. Everything hinges on the outcome of this cultural conflict. Whether America continues to be a beacon of faith, family and freedom will be determined by who wins this battle. If the forces of sexual normalcy and natural marriage prevail, America will once again move the world toward the sunlit uplands of civilization, family, morality, goodness and prosperity.

But if the forces of sexual deviancy prevail, every part of our culture will be corrupted and contaminated beyond repair, and America will plunge the world into a moral abyss of darkness and depravity. The soul-crushing tyranny being imposed on wedding vendors is ample evidence. Christian bakers now face fines and jail time for politely declining to throw eggs and flour into an oven for the Gay Gestapo. Lesbian writer Tammy Bruce correctly points out that for a baker to be forced to render service against his will is a barely disguised form of slavery......

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