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28 of Top 50 Radio Talk Show Hosts

28 of Top 50 Radio Talk Show Hosts

In our previous Family Advocate awards we let a liberal nominate 14 Family Advocates for awards. Today we recognize pro-family advocates
"nominated" by Talk Stream Live. These 28 family advocates come from the top 50 radio talk show hosts list.

Congratulations to all the awardees. To have MANCOW on the same pro-family list as Bo Gritz is quite a range.

The number next to their name is their rank in the internet scoring.

1 Rush Limbaugh
2 Laura Ingraham
3 Glenn Beck
5 Michael Savage
6 Mark Levin
7 Sean Hannity
9 Bill Bennett
10 Dennis Miller
11 Michael Medved
12 Dr. Laura
13 Monica Crowley
14 Jerry Doyle
16 Neal Boortz
23 Roger Hedgecock
31 Mike Gallagher
32 Fred Thompson
33 Bo Gritz
35 Kim Komando
39 Melissa Roxanne
40 Lou Dobbs
42 G. Gordon Liddy
45 Bob Brinker
46 Lars Larson
47 Dave Ramsey
48 Overnight AM
49 Bill Handel
50 The Right Perspective