Defending the family

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California�s Priscilla Schreiber

During the mid-1990s while listening to local California radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock describe the controversial agenda of San Diego County School Board member Ted Crooks and the attempt to recall him, Priscilla Schreiber decided that she had to get involved for the sake of the kids in her community. Having never been involved in any type of political activism before, Priscilla and her husband Charley gave $14,000 to the recall effort, a huge sum by any standard. She also helped collect a portion of the 19,000 signatures for the recall effort.

Mrs. Schreiber's hard work, commitment and community support paid off in her first attempt ever at public office, running for the school board. Earning 59,903 votes in the 2000 general election, Priscilla destroyed her competition and knocked off Michael Harrelson, one of the liberal board members who, along with Ted Crooks, had backed the homosexuality-inclusive school non-discrimination and harassment code. Schreiber is in her 8 year of public service and is on the ballot again this year. We hope the people of San Diego recognize her as a Public Advocate Family Advocate as we have.

From The James Hartline Report,

"In an era when California's intrusive state government is being controlled by radical lesbian politicians like state senators Sheila Kuehl and Christine Kehoe, Priscilla Schreiber has considered it an honor to uphold the very family values that are so important and sacred to America. When so many women in politics are pushing faith to the back of the bus, Priscilla Schreiber has continued to embrace her Christian faith. She also says that her faith will continue to play a fundamental role in the way that she governs one of the largest school districts in southern California."