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Clint Eastwood

Critic's Pick: The best of Clint Eastwood for his 90th birthday

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio: "No single American private citizen has demonstrated the consistent qualities of bravery, patriotism and genuine rugged American grit in the past 50 years as Clint Eastwood and we award him Public Advocate's Family Advocate award."


Clint Eastwood turns 90 next month and he's still making and starring in movies.

Eastwood, who first appeared on screen in 1955, most recently starred as an elderly drug runner in 2018's "The Mule" and last year directed "Richard Jewell."

The longest-running Hollywood icon, Eastwood, who also served as mayor of Carmel, California, in the 1980s, has acted in 50 movies - starring in 42 - and directed 43 pictures.

Over the last 65 years, he's acted opposite an orangutan, tried his hand at a musical - his "singing" in "Paint Your Wagon" has to be heard to be believed - created a pair of iconic characters, the Man with No Name and "Dirty Harry" Callahan, and won four Oscars for movies he directed.

Here are my picks for the top 10 Eastwood pictures, presented in chronological order. This new batch of flicks could come in handy with another weekend of staying home (and staying safe).

* "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," 1968. The third in the series of movies featuring the Man with No Name, this spaghetti Western finds three gunslingers - Eastwood (the good), Lee Van Cleef (the bad) and Eli Wallach (the ugly) - battling each other to find treasure in the midst of the New Mexico campaign in the Civil War. Nearly three hours long, it's one of the best Westerns ever made.

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