Defending the family

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New York's Michael Long Fights The Good Fight For The Family

No one in New York doubts that a handful of disgusting Republicans who betray their pro-family constituents and who rip up their pledge to defend traditional marriage will pay a political price.

Its like a deathwatch and a sentence of willful political suicide that they imposed on themselves. And conservatives are up in arms to put the political noose on their respective necks.

This is do the work of the Conservative Party and their platform committee and the repeated statements made by Michael Long that whoever violates the committment they made to the Conservative Party of New York will be punished with non-support.

The New York Times never recognizes "opposition" unless they have to and published this review of Mr. Long on May 19. There are hundreds of postings and interviews by Mr. Long leading up the vote as well:

Michael Long, "the chairman of the state Conservative Party, has emerged this year as the single most potent - and immovable - obstacle to the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York.

As supporters enlist celebrity endorsements, opponents spin up advertising campaigns, and both sides swarm the State Capitol to lobby wavering lawmakers, the gravel-voiced Mr. Long, a father of nine, has used two simple weapons: an unshakable belief that gay unions would undermine the institution of marriage, and his power to bestow, or withdraw, the Conservative Party ballot line in next year's legislative elections. "

Public Advocate names Michael Long as Family Advocate due to his singular leadership and warnings to heed the pro-family pledge in the Conservative Party platform made by these so-called truthful elected officials who publicly lied about their intentions and who also have now imposed a political agenda demanded by the homosexual lobby without a referendum.

New York Times recognizes Michael Long, chairman of the Conservative Party for his opposition to homosexual marriage being imposed on New York