Defending the family

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CNN, and other media outlets, report

"Liz Cheney, whose upstart bid to unseat Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi sparked warfare in the Republican Party and within her own family, is dropping out of the primary race..."

Public Advocate sent out electronic communications, online ads and other letters to one million contacts extremely critical of the candidacy of Liz Cheney.

"Public Advocate called the entire Cheney family out over and over again and we are the only national conservative organization to stand out in the open condemning their political games on the pro-family issues from the very beginning. We celebrate the exit of Liz Cheney from the Wyoming Senate race, " said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"Her critics labeled her a carpetbagger, noting that she moved to Wyoming only in 2012 after relocating from Virginia. The issue flared in August after the Wyoming media reported that Cheney improperly received a fishing license despite not living in the state for at least a year, as the law requires.

Grabbing even more attention was her very public dispute with her sister, Mary, over the issue of same-sex marriage.

Mary Cheney, who is a lesbian, took to Facebook in November to object to Liz Cheney's opposition to same-sex marriage, claiming that her sister has previously supported her relationship while saying something very different on the campaign trail.

The dispute prompted their parents to weigh in, saying they were "pained" to see the sisters battle over a private matter in full view of the news media."

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