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Eugene Delgaudio Delivers Report To New Congress, Takes on Obama's State of the Union

Congress has been sworn in and the President makes his State of the Union. And Eugene Delgaudio's report has landed at the U.S. Capitol, too.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio has delivered a Report To Congress and a letter to most of the current Congress and Senate demanding that Congressmen and Senators stand up for traditional values in 2015 and beyond.

In direct comments to some, Delgaudio condemned members of Congress and the Senate who voted for or supported the Gay Bill of Rights last year.

"It's important for our lawmakers to be held accountable for their anti-family votes," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "Public Advocate will always be fighting for the family and traditional values, even if it means standing up to some powerful liberals in Congress."

An example of the sent letter condemning anti-family support in Congress can be seen here:

In his Delivered Report to Congress, Eugene Delgaudio highlights pro-family victories around the nation, as well as possible threats to traditional values.

He also reminds Congressmen that the Homosexual agenda has been roundly rejected by Americans, that Attorney General Eric Holder was hounded from office with petitions for his removal, that expensive efforts by rich donors in Michigan and other states failed to carry those states, and while the Supreme Court betrays traditional marriage, it could be the Senate and Congress' time to defend Christians from persecution in this country.

Delgaudio's report to Congress is available to the public and has been distributed to 100,000 supporters nationwide. The report can be seen at the following link;

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