Defending the family

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We Need a Marriage Revolution

LifeSite News is reporting:

Robert R. Reilly has penned one of the most important books on same-sex 'marriage' to date, yet the book has seen little coverage even from conservative media. Making Gay Okay, published by Ignatius Press earlier this year, has answered how and why the movement for gay "marriage" has swept America and the only way to defeat it - a way that has been largely ignored, with predictable results.

A key element in the erosion of traditional marriage is the notion that 'rights' are now being created by the state, rather than coming from nature. "Once Nature is removed as the moral authority, you can declare anything equal to anything else - because it is simply based upon will," Reilly told LifeSiteNews. "In order to defeat it," he said, "we have to show that rights come from Nature, not the state, and that sodomy is unnatural."

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Repost from July 17, 2014.