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Eugene Delgaudio Polls Supporters: Is it time for Speaker Boehner to go?

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, is polling his supporters to call their Congressman/lady to tell him or her their opinion on replacing the current Speaker, John Boehner.

Delgaudio asks in part:

"I need you to make your voice heard in D.C. right now.

You see, today the U.S. House of Representatives will be making a critical decision of whether or not to keep Rep. John Boehner in his role as Speaker of the House.

And the outcome will largely determine what the House accomplishes -- or doesn't -- for the next two years.

This is America's chance to throw down the gauntlet to the Homosexual Lobby and fight back.

Due to Public Advocate's election season activism, the Homosexual Caucus lost its majority in the Senate and grew even weaker in the House.

With strong, pro-Family leadership in both bodies, we can pass legislation to restore the Right to Real Marriage and the religious liberties being trampled across the country in the name of the Homosexual Agenda.......

So the question I need you to ask yourself is this:

Is John Boehner the right leader for America?" (unquote)

The Washington Examiner is reporting

Here are the House Republicans on record against voting for Boehner

The list of House Republicans opposing John Boehner's re-election for speaker of the house continues to grow.

Republicans will vote on their House leadership when they return to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, and a handful have now come out saying they will not vote to re-elect Boehner as speaker - a number that needs to be 29 to actually endanger his re-election.

Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma called the lawmakers opposing Boehner the "Gang of Nine," predicting they will be in double digits by the end of Monday.

According to Bridenstine, Boehner has aligned with President Obama on too many issues - including the debt ceiling.