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Red State: For Whip Scalise to claim he was unaware -- we all have to be idiots.

Public Advocate asked supporters to contact House leadership in recent days over opposing Gay Rights legislation in the house.

Red State and many media sources are reporting House Whip Steve Scalise, one of the Public Advocate targeted leadership members (Boehner, McCarthy and Scalise) , was meeting with known racist David Duke in 2002.

Redstate's front page contributor writes:


Louisiana isn't a big state. State legislative districts aren't particularly large. In Mr. Scalise's case, when he spoke to this group he'd been serving in the Louisiana legislature since 1996. David Duke and his operation were not obscure. In 1991, Duke won the GOP gubernatorial nomination and faced known felon Edwin Edwards in the general election.

This resulted in former governor Buddy Roemer who had campaigned, unsuccessfully, on the slogan "Anyone but Edwards" deciding that "Anyone" did not extend to a former KKK Grand Dragon.

The anti-Duke bumper sticker "VOTE FOR THE CROOK Its Important"became a national sensation.

For Mr. Scalise to creditably claim he was unaware of the nature of the group we all have to be idiots.


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