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World Magazine Hails Public Advocate's Fight to Stop the Pedophile Protection Act

Public Advocate and President Eugene Delgaudio have both recieved exceptional praise from World Magazine for their efforts to stop the Pedophile Protection Act. Below is an excerpt from the article. Be sure to click the link at the bottom to see the full article.

World Magazine Reports:

And now comes the danger of pedophilia becoming a recognized sexual orientation. Public Advocate, a Virginia-based conservative nonprofit group, is lobbying against the sexual orientation expansion of Michigan's anti-discrimination law. Eugene Delgaudio, the organization's president, dubbed it the Pedophile Protection Act. If who or what a person is attracted to gives them special rights, one can easily envision pedophiles attempting to become part of a LGBT protected class (LGBTP?) or creating its own, with a similar powerful lobby and government force behind it. God forbid. It's too horrible to imagine how far this will go.

Not too long ago, some of us might have called Delgaudio delusional or an extremist for suggesting such a thing. No one could have imagined that two men would demand the right to call themselves married, publicly and without shame. Now, the normalization of pedophilia is on the horizon.

America is in an accelerated state of decline. In our present age, where thought is punishable, Christians already face adverse government action for opposing what the God we worship calls an abomination. In fact, publications like WORLD and personal blogs could become the last forums of free expression of the Christian faith.

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