Defending the family

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The Homosexual Lobby is striking back in Michigan after a devastating round of elections.

Billionaires Tim Gill and Paul Singer, their organizations Gill Action Fund and American Unity Fund, and the Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU and the group Equality Michigan are all putting their vast wealth to work in Michigan.

Gill and Singer pumped over a $150,000 into the pockets of state house Republicans this summer. And we have yet to learn how much the Homosexual Lobby spent on races across the state -- races they widely lost.

Their goal is to pass a Gay Bill of Special Rights expansion to the Elliott-Larsen Anti-Discrimination law.

Due to Public Advocate's success in crushing the Homosexual lobby at the polls on November 4, Gill and Singer's only hope of passing this expansion is in the Lame Duck session of the legislature.

Republican Speaker of the House Jase Bolger has already gone on the record that he would like to pass their agenda this year. And Rep. Frank Foster is pushing his version of the bill too.

Public Advocate is rallying opposition right now to this legislative threat. Tens of thousands of emails have gone out, generating a flood of angry responses to Michigan state representatives.

In a phone conference briefing to Michigan staff, volunteers and released to the news media, Eugene Delgaudio, President Public Advocate said the following:

"I am confident Public Advocate and pro-Family Michiganders will defeat this atrocious bill, but we have our work cut out for us. Michigan has become the #1 target of the Homosexual Lobby, bringing a national focus to this local issue. "

If this expansion passes, it will only be because the House Republicans have ignored the will of their constituents.