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Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio "We Win 7 of 9 Times"

Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio "We Win 7 of 9 Times"

Public Advocate was able to successfully alert pro-family voters through its independent expenditure (*) during this national election.

Pro-family forces led by Public Advocate sent a message in 7 Senate races selected by Public Advocate and we failed to get the message out in 2 races, that 7 of 9 races where Public Advocate was successful in its pro-family message in this national election.

Success 1

Mary Landrieu 2nd place, going to runoff Dec. 6 which she is widely predicted to lose. We will press on here but the outcome seems clear.

Success 2
Kay Hagan, NC loses re-election.

Success 3
Dave Domina, Nebraska big liberal lost

Partial Success 4
Lamar Alexander, TN won re-election however due to Tea Party opposition, a tough primary and Public Advocate ads being critical of him on defending America's children from attacks from pro-homosexual propagandists, Mr. Alexander broke
his long silence on defending traditional values.

"Alexander said he plans to push forward a bill that would transfer decisions on Common Core academic standards, teacher evaluations and other decisions "100 percent" back to the states."

The Tennessean reports: Alexander is currently the ranking Republican on the Senate Education Committee. As the new likely chairman, Alexander, a former U.S. education secretary, said he plans to push forward to a bill that would transfer decisions on Common Core academic standards back to the states.

It nice to see a change for the better and it is thanks to PA supporters.

Success 5

Bruce Braley, Iowa lost

Fail 1

Cory Booker won but challenger Jeff Bell did better than expected with much less money.

Success 6

Senator Mark Udall, Colorado, lost.

PA has been engaged in this state for years including surveys of candidates and even
expensive law suits filed by the homosexuals.

We targeted Mark Udall

Result: Denver Post "Congressman Cory Gardner unseated Sen. Mark Udall in Tuesday's election, becoming the first challenger to defeat an incumbent senator in Colorado in 36 years."

Success 7

Senator Mark Pryor Arkansas, lost

Peoria Journal Star reports
Veteran Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor loses Senate seat

Fail 2

Gary Peters won election

That's 7 successes for Public Advocate supporters who acted on Public Advocate ads critical of anti-family candidates and 2 fails for Public Advocate.

"This is a partial overview and represents an overall trend as prediced last Friday by Public Advocate and we have reversed the years long advance of the so-called homosexual lobby in the Senate and around the rights of the American people in the respective states to protect religious liberty and the right to free speech," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

*(Note: this was a independent expenditure on file with the Federal Elections Commission)