Defending the family

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With a fraction of the $, Public Advocate expecting to weaken the stranglehold of the Anti-Christian Forces in U.S. Senate

Headline: Public Advocate Group Reaching Millions
Eugene Delgaudio Predicts Defense of Marriage Result


Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the US Inc, said today:

"Public Advocate is finishing our yearlong U.S. Senate Program optimistic.

We are currently receiving positive feedback using online, retail robo calling and other social media internet ads in nearly a third of battleground states, exposing the anti-Family and anti-Marriage agenda of selected U.S. Senate candidates.

Over the course of the year, Public Advocate has fought in nearly two thirds of all states with Senate elections on November 4th.

We have surveyed candidates in a dozen primaries, and every finalized Senate candidate in the country.

When candidates refused to stand up for real marriage and family values, Public Advocate rallied grassroots pressure through mailings, mass email, internet ads, Facebook and robo-calls.

These actions have shaken up the complacent establishment and shown them that America demands action against the Homosexual Agenda.

Due in large part to our aggressive, low budget but effective and precise grassroots outreach this year, Public Advocate is expecting to weaken the stranglehold the Homosexual Lobby is maintaining on the U.S. Senate.

In some cases, polls indicate that the American voters are turning against incumbents who have gotten into bed with the Homosexual Lobby. In others, the candidates have been shown the need to change their ways and stand up for the Family.

In the next Congress, Public Advocate is calling on the Senate and the House to finally take action to defend the rights of American Christians and pro-Marriage advocates.

Federal courts that strip Christians of their constitutional rights need to be held accountable -- even defunded.

Congress can also take positive action by passing religious liberty protection legislation to curtail the abuses being done to Christian businesses under the guise of "hate crimes" laws.

Finally, Congress can act to restore the state's right of real marriage and the right to vote one's belief.

In more than 30 states, the voters chose to defend marriage as only between one man and one woman. But federal courts are ruling every month against these states -- stripping these states of real marriage and disenfranchising citizens who vote according to personal beliefs.

Even with Barack Obama in the White House, there is much that can be done over the next two years. And Public Advocate will be working hard to see it done, " said Delgaudio.


A small non-profit pro-family group is seeking to promote traditional marriage by asking candidates in 34 U.S. Senate campaigns questions in a formal survey and sharing the results with supporters and the public. Here's Feb. 2014 release:

Samples of Ads and Copy of FEC filing reporting spending

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