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Christopher Columbus Giant Hero in the World, Liberals Paralyzed with fear of him for 500 years

The late Dr. Warren Carrol gives a tremendous testimony to Christopher Columbus. He concedes in part some of the misdeeds as a governor but in sum Carrol, from a Catholic perspective, says

"Columbus was a flawed hero - as all men are flawed, including heroes - and his flaws are of a kind particularly offensive to today's culture. But he was nevertheless a hero, achieving in a manner unequalled in the history of exploration and the sea, changing history forever........

it is Columbus the discoverer and explorer whom we truly celebrate and honor, not Columbus the civil governor."

A must read for any context to the region of Central America at the time:

"Before going into the historical details of that interaction, it is essential to clear away the fog of idealization and special pleading that now surrounds so much talk about the American Indians. First of all we have to understand the situation that existed in the world of the Indian of the Caribbean and mid- America when Columbus arrived."