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Tennessee Cheerleaders Fight For Freedom to Pray and Crowd Joins "our community needs prayer"

Their adult school administrators were too chicken and the men were too shy about God.

So the cheerleaders from this local school stood up for God and prayed out loud and the crowd joined in.

These cheerleaders decided "our community needs prayer" and the crowd joined them. They have more guts than most and have shown the rest of the country how to ignore threats from people who want to end religious freedom for all of us.

WBIR TV News reports:

After Oneida High School found out they had to drop the prayer from their football games, many in the community felt they were missing something. The change came after pressure and a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, or ACLU.

One group couldn't let that stand. That group has one of the biggest voices during a football game. It's the cheerleading squad.

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