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Liberals Sell 456 Nazi Items, Bans Redskins!

Jeanine Martin with the Bull Elephant is receiving national recognition for this expose:

Etsy (retail sales website) will no longer permit people to buy and sell Redskins items on their site but will allow the sale of items in Redskins' colors and those items that pertain to Washington DC. How very generous of them.

They are very concerned about the feelings of Native Americans but have no concern about the feelings of Jews and the majority of Americans who are offended by Nazi items. Etsy currently offers 456 different items featuring swastikas., including63 swastika pendants and necklaces. So, I can't buy a Redskins' pendant on Etsy but I have my choice of swastika pendants. Wonderful. Political Correctness hypocrisy at its finest. Needless to say, I will no longer visit the Etsy site or purchase any items sold on the site.

456 Nazi Items for Sale on Etsy the website: