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September 11: WE REMEMBER

TownHall Reports:

Thirteen years ago today the United States was attacked. More than 3,000 people lost their lives because a radical group of monsters saw a giant sleeping and took advantage of it. It could easily happen again.

The mood in the pre-9/11 world was one of contentment and ignorance. The United States was the only remaining superpower, and we felt invincible. But human beings are not invincible, a lesson we learned that horrible day.

Whereas Presidents Clinton and Bush should have been more aware of, but couldn't fathom the growing threat from radical Islam, President Obama is fully aware of it and doesn't care.

But al Qaeda didn't want to send a message to "back off" on 9/11. It saw an opportunity. Our principle adversary dissolved, Presidents Clinton and Bush focused on domestic policy, paying only cursory attention to the rest of the world.

The rest of the world needs leadership, to one degree or another. No other nation has the moral authority, let alone the military and diplomatic strength, to hold evil actors in check.

Evil exists in the world not because of American foreign policy; it exists in relative check because of America's foreign policy. Or at least it did.


world trade center tower explodes

world trade center tower explodes