Defending the family

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15,000 Petitions In Support of Impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder

Dear Congressman,

I am delivering with this letter and separately under another special delivery as permitted by
the House of Representatives procedures, petitions in support of your announced call for
the impeachment of Eric Holder as attorney general of the United States.

This box contains 5,000 signed petitions on single sheets opposed to homosexual rights in hand
written pen and signed by American citizens. Under separate cover we are delivering on-line
petitions from your Congressional district and from the respective states in the quantity of 10,000 that support you in calling for AG Eric Holder's impeachment.

The total petitions in support of your position represent 15,000 delivered petitions to your office
opposing so-called gay rights and in support out of total of 250,000 Americans as of today that
oppose Eric Holder's and President Obama's destruction of the traditional marriage law passed
by Congress and signed by President Clinton.

We agree with conservative commentator Mark Levin, that members of Congress need to assert their powers as a check on the executive branch and immediately vote out articles of impeachment for explicit statements made, repeatedly, by President Barrack Obama and Eric Holder that direct their subordinates to disobey Congressional oversight, laws, prerogatives and directives related to defend traditional marriage as between one man and one woman.


President, Public Advocate of the U.S.