Defending the family

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Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio is Fighting for Real Marriage in Arkansas & Will Reach 1 Million By Friday

Public Advocate has a question for Arkansas's next senator:
Why won't you pledge to defend real marriage?

Neither incumbent Senator Mark Pryor or Republican challenger Congressman Tom Cotton have taken Public Advocate's pledge to defend real Family Values -- including the fight over real marriage.

This issue has become especially timely for Arkansas, where an activist judge has just ruled against the state's real marriage amendment.

Conservative state legislators are working hard to reverse this decision, but the Homosexual Lobby and their allies are putting up road blocks.

Arkansas needs someone to take the lead on fighting for the right of individual states to define marriage as one man and one woman.

Public Advocate is asking Arkansas' senate candidates to take that lead

And we are going to get their full attention with a massive multi-media campaign.
Public Advocate has sent many thousands of printed pieces of mail across a half dozen battleground counties alerting conservative residents to the stakes in their state.

And Public Advocate is launching a slew of internet and Facebook ads to reach millions of pro-Family Arkansans.

Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate, says:

"While both candidates have made vague assurances of being pro-marriage in the past, it is very troubling that neither is willing to make a direct, public pledge to do so when it really matters to their constituents.

But even worse, incumbent Mark Pryor has a track record of flip-flopping on Family Value issues. Last fall he betrayed his constituents at the last second and supported the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Marriage is under attack across the country.

Pro-Family states are seeing their Real Marriage Amendments and laws stricken down by activist judges almost every month.

The best chance Arkansas has of restoring its rights is for the Senate to take action.

We are counting on pro-Family activists in Arkansas to rally around Public Advocate and make marriage the central issue of the November elections," said Delgaudio.