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Public Advocate Fights Back for Mt. Soledad Cross

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court in California has ruled that the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross must be torn down after 24 years of litigation and controversy which was first challenged in 1989. The historical cross is more than 60 years old and now judges ruled that it violates the Constitution and must be removed. This is an assault on Christianity and an attempt from the left to attack Bible-believing Christians.

Public Advocate has taken the initative to collect Statements of Support to show Supreme Court Justice Roberts that he needs to overturn the decision by the lower court and let the Mt. Soledad stay.

Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate says, "The families of the fallen soldiers have a 1st Amendment right to express their Christianity and that means protecting this Cross. Public Advocate is hitting back as hard as possible in defense of the Cross, and we will continue to do so until it is allowed to remain standing," Mr. Delgaudio vowed.

Department of Justice says Mt. Soledad Should Stay

Fox News Reports:

The Justice Department says a 29-foot war memorial cross on a San Diego mountain is not an unconstitutional promotion of Christianity and should remain on federal property.

The Obama administration said an appeals court ruling declaring the cross on Mount Soledad a violation of the constitutional separation of church and state undermined an act of Congress and conflicted with recent Supreme Court decisions.

The Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group specializing in religious liberty cases, says the Supreme Court petition has received support from 19 states, the American Legion, prominent veterans and members of Congress.

"We are encouraged by the outpouring of support that the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association has received for its petition to have the U.S. Supreme Court settle, once and for all, the constitutionality of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross," said Kelly Shackelford, president and CEO of the Liberty Institute.