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Video: Liberal Commentator Tells All Religions "You will be forced,....,to shut up"!

Liberal Commentator Tells Worlds' Religions "You will be forced,....,to shut up".

Attention Planet Earth and all Earthlings who worship or adhere to peaceful beliefs.

Here is another frank statement, by a liberal MSNBC anchor, that conservatives and traditional values voters of every denomination, race and religious belief do not have the right to "speak freely" .

He says specifically and catergorically moral minded people have no right to object to immoral values when presented with it by MSNBC and other broadcasting newtworks

MSNBC commentator says on the air:

"Tolerance, no, is not - it should not be a two-way street. It's a one-way street.

You cannot say to someone that who you are is wrong, an abomination, is horrible, get a room, and all of those other things that people said about Michael Sam, and not be forced - not forced, but not be made to understand that what you're saying and what you're doing is wrong."